Cory + Francesca

This Naples Beach session is so near and dear to my heart. Why, you ask? Because it features my brother, Cory, and his amazing girlfriend, Francesca! What a better way to spend your birthday week than with these two! And yes, I said birthday week. Birthdays are my favorite and I make sure to celebrate ALLLLLL week. I’m clearly still celebrating 2 months later. Anyway, back to the point.

Cory and Francesca have been dating for almost a year now. Seeing as he is my brother and I don’t 100% pay attention to dates when it comes to him (sorry, bro), I’m not sure the exact date, but I know the first year anniversary is coming up soon! Cory never really spoke of his love life to us, so when he said he had a girlfriend and he was excited to introduce us all to her, I knew it was real love. So clearly, my first action was to Instagram stalk her and become best friends before the introduction. Francesca is a doll and played along real well. The formal introductions in October made me realize why Cory was so in love. Francesca was literally the SWEETEST human I had ever met and I was so happy to have a little sister!

Flash forward to May. The Berkshire Theatre Group in Massachusetts wanted Francesca as an intern for the summer and she had to leave on May 27. She also planned on studying abroad for the Fall semester. This meant that she would not be around for Cory’s 25th birthday (and for a long time)! My heart was so sad for both of them and I felt a weird urge to help, but I didn’t know how.

I reached out to her asking gift ideas for him since I wouldn’t see him either, and she mentioned that she was stuck on something to do for him. I mentioned a portrait session, knowing that while Jack and I were both on our internships two summers in a row, photos were what helped us get through it. She loved the idea, but she was leaving in a week at that point. I cleared my calendar and we took a day trip down to Naples, Florida. Cory was the Production Manager at Gulf Shore Playhouse and Francesca’s family lived there, so it was perfect.

Jack and I packed our car mid-morning on May 22 and started our adventure to Naples. Fighting a rainstorm and a ton of lovebugs, we finally made it. The skies were weary, but we knew that love could push them away. Traveling out to a private section of Naples Beach, Cory and Francesca let their love shine. It was so cute that it hurt me a bit (only because it was my brother). From dancing to tag to running from the rain, those two love birds had the time of their lives.

The sadness was strong when she left, but these portraits were a great reminder of every moment they had together and will continue to have when reunited. This is why I am a photographer. These moments need to last forever and a photograph will make that happen.

Check out Francesca and Cory below and send them some love!

Cory + Francesca | Naples Beach, FL | Couple’s Session


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