Florida, Virginia, & Beyond

Wedding Collections

1 hour of coverage
2-3 outfits
2 locations
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Portrait Collection

1 hour of coverage
2 outfits
1 location
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**Families with over 5 members will have a $25 sitting fee per additional person**


1 hour of coverage
2 outfits
1 locations
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Graduates + Seniors

up to two hours of coverage
2 outfits
2 location within 50 miles round trip of Orlando
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Engagements + Proposals

FLORIDA TRAVEL FEES: If your session is within 50 miles roundtrip of Orlando, Florida, there is no travel fee! If your session is in Florida, but more than 50 miles away, please inquire so we can chat about travel options. Florida travel fees are 57 cents per additional mile. 

OTHER TRAVEL FEES: If your session is somewhere other than Florida, that’s awesome! We are super excited you’re considering us because we love to travel! Please contact us to discuss travel details. If your session is somewhere on our wish list, you may qualify for discounted travel fees!

Having a wedding in DC, Virginia, or Maryland this December? We will be in DC the first two weeks of December 2019! Your wedding can qualify for free or highly discounted travel! Contact us today, only two spots available!

Your wedding is going to be the first big investment of your life together. All of your time and energy is going into the day as well. We want you to have the most amazing photos because they are the only part of your day (besides your rings) that are going to be around as long as your marriage. Your flowers may be preserved, and your cake will last until your first anniversary, but they won't be the same as you remembered. 

Your photographs are the only physical way you’ll be able to relive your day in 30-50 years. We don't want you looking back thinking, "I thought there were more tears or joy. I thought I looked better than this. I don't remember my day like this." We want you to look at your wedding photos with your spouse (and all future generations) in 50 years and for the emotion to jump off the page. We want you to relive the memories with your next generations exactly as they were and remember how AMAZING your day was.

With sewing kits, double stick tape, Advil, mints, and any other items you may need in tow, we are prepared for any part of your big day. We know that things can go haywire, and we are there to have your back. Our experience in the theatre (yes, we both took costume construction courses) has helped us go above and beyond in the scariest moments of your day. We strive to make your day as smooth and fun as possible for you. We take the stress off your shoulders so you can enjoy yourself. The happier you are, the more amazing your portraits will be. 

Most couples spend between $2000 and $4000 with us for full wedding coverage, which includes high resolution digital copies of your photos. We customize each quote because the truth is, all weddings are different. We want to make sure you have what you need, and take out what you don't. 

City Hall and elopements are less. We love destination weddings and travel (you may be eligible for free travel if you're going to our dream locations). Also, if you are really, really into us and our photography but aren't sure your budget is going to be a match, reach out to us anyway! We really will try to customize your package for your budget. If it's just not possible, we have great referrals for you with similar styles.


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Read the inside scoop from some of my awesome clients!

Haleigh Nicole Clients

"There isn’t just one favorite part of my experience with Haleigh; it was the whole experience. From the beginning, Haleigh responded to our email request for information very quickly, provided the information we needed to know, gave us recommendations, and kept in contact with us throughout the months. She and her team provided us with suggestions on how to make our wedding photographs memorable down to what make-up would be best. On the wedding day, Haleigh took every opportunity to capture the smallest details that allow us to relive that special day."

Denise: Wedding Client
Courtyard at Lake Lucerne in Orlando, Florida
April 2018

"Haleigh is absolutely amazing! She was able to take a rainy day and make it just as fun/productive as a sunny one. All of my pictures came out fabulous and she was happy to help me carry my giant inflatable doughnut around."

Christina: Graduation Client
University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida
May 2017

"My favorite part of my Haleigh Nicole Photography experience was Haleigh without a doubt! From our initial conversation, we knew we were in great hands. She worked with us on our schedule, which was tight, and our budget. She checked in with us frequently, both before and after our wedding, just to let us know everything was on track. Our wedding went off without a hitch and Haleigh was superb! We were married outside, and she had already scouted out the area for the best pictures. To top it all off, she made the experience fun! Taking hundreds of photographs can be daunting, but with Haleigh, we told jokes, laughed and had an amazing time. My husband and I were so relaxed throughout the whole process."
Bonnie: Wedding Client
Kissimmee Lakefront in Kissimmee, Florida
February 2018

"The best part of working with Haleigh was how comfortable she made us all feel right away! My one year daughter is incredibly shy but warmed up to Haleigh right away. She was professional and super quick on the camera which is so important for an antsy one year old!"

Lisa: Family Client
Home Session in Wantage, New Jersey
May 2018



"I feel as if Haleigh could work wonders for any bride, but especially with a bride who wants perfection! Brides who choose Haleigh Nicole Photography have a vision for their perfect day. They are romantics with a desire to document the happiest moments and special touches."

Natalie: Wedding Client
Orlando Airport Marriott in Orlando, Florida
May 2016

"I think a Haleigh Nicole client must be open to new ideas and willing to take advice from a pro. Haleigh's guide helped us find the perfect outfits, and her directions during our shoot made us look effortless. As a Haleigh Nicole client, I also think you should be willing to have a fun experience and prepared to have a few silly moments."

Danielle: Engagement Client
Washington Oaks Park in St. Augustine, Florida
April 2018

"I would say that some traits that a Haleigh Nicole client has would have to be trusting, imaginative, confident, and adaptable! You have to be able to trust Haleigh and her ability to make your vision come to life, imaginative to be able to work with her because she’s so creative, confident so that you help make sure your photos are perfect as possible, and adaptable so that you can roll with any bumps in the road and just have fun with the process!"

Sasha: Wedding Client
Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida
April 2017
Hastings Ranch in St. Cloud, Florida
December 2018



"Don't be! Haleigh Nicole Photography will ensure your memories are captured in the most beautiful fashion. I am so lucky to have found such an amazing photographer who is always prompt in responding to any email inquiries, last minute decisions for the photo sessions, and is so helpful with great suggestions when you are indecisive (example: location of shoot)."

Jennifer: Wedding Client
Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida
June 2016

"If someone was on the fence, I would tell them that Haleigh is very experienced, kind, and easy to work with. She is also pretty quick to get the photos back to you, which I really appreciated! I have vouched for Haleigh's services time and time again and will certainly continue to do so, because her work speaks for itself!"

Rhiannon: Portrait Client
Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida
January 2018

"Don’t be. She is brilliant at her craft and is so accommodating. She does everything in her power to make you happy and love your session. She takes your precious memories, and beautifies them in a way that they are timeless. She also becomes that lifelong friend that you can go to for anything. She’s truly one of a kind"

Kalee: Wedding Client
Melbourne Raddison in Melbourne, Florida
March 2016

"I would describe to them how wonderful my experience was and show them the beautiful photos I received which, I believe, speak for themselves. I have referred and will continue to refer others to Haleigh. She is a talented photographer as well as a wonderful person."

Francesca: Portrait Client
Naples Beach in Naples, Florida
May 2018

Question: If someone was on the fence about being a Haleigh Nicole Client, what is something you would tell them?


Wedding Day Highlights

Nicole + Michael
Old Hickory Golf Club
Centreville, Virginia