4 Reasons You Should Have An Orlando Elopement Wedding

orlando elopement

Orlando elopement weddings are becoming quite popular, and they are the new norm when it comes to weddings! Elopements are much smaller, much more intimate, and much more romantic. The year 2020 changed the way we lived our lives in every aspect, and I believe it changed for the better when it comes to weddings. I know it did for my own wedding

Choosing a location for your elopement wedding is the hardest part – you’ll want someone that’s accessible and has a lot of places where out-of-town guests can stay. What’s one place in Florida that marks off all those boxes? Orlando! Here’s why I believe Orlando, Florida is one of the best places for your elopement wedding…


4 Reasons You Should Have An Orlando Elopement :


One of the best things about Orlando is its location. It’s easy to get to no matter where you and your guests are coming from since it’s so centrally located. Whether you and your guests are traveling to Florida by plane, by bus, or by car, you can easily get to where you need to be with no hassle. Your Orlando elopement can also be accessible to the Orlando (MCO) airport which is an extremely popular airport and one that is very easy to get to and from. 



The thing I love most about Orlando is all the different scenery. We have so many different beautiful beaches, the world-famous theme parks, and everything else in between. Whether you want a beach wedding at sunset, or a Cinderella’s Castle view, Orlando has it all. 



If you are inviting a lot of people to your elopement wedding from all different places in the United States, they’re obviously going to need a hotel to stay in. When it comes to finding a hotel near your wedding venue, you’ll want them to be close so they don’t have to worry about the long travel. Orlando is filled with hundreds of amazing hotels that are conveniently located so your guests don’t have to travel far.


Wide Variety of Orlando Elopement Venues 

No matter what kind of wedding you want, Orlando has a special location for you. There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding venue for you. Whether you want an elegant indoor venue or the perfect beachfront view, there’s definitely a place for you! You can click here to see the best Orlando elopement venues!

Orlando Elopement

Having an elopement wedding is such a special thing, and planning it is going to be just as special. There are so many reasons why people are choosing to go with elopement weddings even after things are starting to open up – they are so small and intimate, and you get to enjoy every moment of your special day. If you’ve been considering an elopement wedding in Orlando, you should go for it!

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