Best Orlando Wedding DJs for Your Unforgettable Wedding Day!

Orlando wedding DJ at Cobblestone Courtyard by Haleigh Nicole Photography

Everybody wants their wedding guests to have an unforgettable night that they can’t stop talking about for weeks, right? A big part of achieving that is your DJ. The music you play at your wedding is a direct representation of you and your partner’s personalities. This means you have to pick a DJ who can get to know you and play the music that you and your guests will love. Finding the right DJ isn’t always easy, but I’ve curated a list of the best Orlando Wedding DJs.

The Best Wedding DJs in Orlando, FL:

Elegant Entertainment

If you’re looking for a DJ to keep your wedding guests dancing all night, you’ve come to the right place! Elegant Entertainment offers some of the best DJ packages in the Orlando area. By choosing this DJ for your wedding, you will receive more than just someone who will play a couple of your favorite songs! You can actually see a full list of what you’ll receive with Elegant Entertainment here. This is truly one of the best DJ services in the Orlando area – you get so much out of your DJ and your guests will dance their hearts out all night!

Soundwave Entertainment 

Soundwave Entertaiment includes everything you could ever need to have the wedding party of the year! From LED lighting to a customized playlist, this will be a night you and your guests will never forget just from your DJ alone! They have a team of amazing MCs and music mixers who all have years of experience entertaining people and giving people the music they want to hear. They have over 500 amazing 5 star reviews and have been voted the best of the best from 2011-now!

Orlando DJ Group

Orlando DJ Group has been servicing Central Florida since 2007, and they have made quite the mark in the wedding industry. They have so much experience with nightlife and entertainment. If you’re lucky enough to have them available for your wedding, don’t miss your chance! They know you don’t want any dull or boring moments during your wedding. They are constantly reading the crowd to ensure you and your guests are dancing every second of the night.  

Subsonic Event DJs

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive DJ package, look no further! Subsonic Event DJs make sure your wedding day is unforgettable and stress-free. From the set up to the takedown, Subsonic Event DJs is there for you every step of the way! Enjoy the different options for LED lights, specialty lighting, and customizable playlists. You can fully customize your wedding day package for this DJ service. This way, you don’t have to pay for things you don’t want or need. This DJ service is sure to keep the party going late into the night!

Best Orlando Wedding DJs

Orlando wedding DJ at Cobblestone Courtyard by Haleigh Nicole Photography

If you want that unforgettable wedding night that your guests will tell all their friends about, you need to check out these best Orlando Wedding DJs! All of the options are amazing if you’re getting married in the Orlando area. They are sure to give you and your guests a night you won’t ever forget!

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