A Peek Into The Oxford Exchange Wedding Venue in Tampa, Florida

Oxford Exchange Wedding

Located in the heart of Tampa, Florida, the Oxford Exchange wedding venue brings a European-inspired vibe to your wedding day. With an in-house restaurant, bookstore, coffeehouse, and gift shop, this is the perfect place for your Tampa wedding! 

Opening its doors for private events back in 2012, the Oxford Exchange wedding venue has sure gained popularity throughout the state of Florida. Hosting over 800 private events and 300+ weddings, this venue has learned how to be the perfect wedding venue for couples who are seeking a European-style wedding vibe. 

When it comes to choosing your perfect wedding venue, it’s all about making sure the space feels like you and your partner. You’ll want the vibe of the venue to match your vibe and personality. The Oxford Exchange is truly one of the most stunning wedding venues in Tampa, Florida, and there are so many things that make it a perfect wedding venue. Want to know what those things are? Make sure to keep reading…


The Oxford Exchange Wedding Venue

To start, the thing I love the most about the Oxford Exchange wedding venue is the beauty of it. The aesthetic of this venue screams European and Scandinavia with its white and black tile floors, and its deep, dark architectural features. This isn’t your typical wedding venue, and I think that is what makes it so perfect! It’s not your typical light and airy venue, it’s more deep and moody, without being too dark.


The Layout Options

Another thing I love about this venue is that they have different layout options available for you. They know that not everyone wants to have the same exact wedding, which is why they offer different options for all wedding parties. These are the different layout options available:


The Atrium & Conservatory

The Oxford Exchange wedding atrium is for your cocktail hour and dancing, the conservatory is for your dining and eating. 


Atrium, Conservatory & Half the Restaurant

If you need a bigger space for your special day, you can choose this layout option. The atrium is for your cocktail hour and dancing, the conservatory and restaurant are for your dining.


Atrium, Conservatory, and Full Restaurant

At the Oxford Exchange wedding venue, for 200+ people, you can rent out all three spaces to spend your night drinking, eating, and most importantly, dancing! 

To see all the details about the different layout options, click here


The Oxford Exchange wedding venue is truly one of the best wedding venues in Tampa, Florida. It brings a certain richness to your wedding day, and it’s a place your guests are sure to never forget. When looking for the wedding location of your dreams, this wedding venue has just what you need!

The Oxford Exchange Wedding Venue

Since you are looking you are looking at the Oxford Exchange wedding venue as a possible wedding location, I’d love to chat with you about your wedding photography needs! Click this link to view my work and let’s start the conversation!

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