A Peek Into The Sydonie Mansion Wedding Venue In Mt. Dora

A Peek Into The Sydonie Mansion Wedding Venue In Mount Dora

 Sydonie Mansion Wedding

The Sydonie Mansion

The Sydonie Mansion wedding venue takes you back in time with its classical style décor and feel. Built all the way back in 1833, this Florida mansion is said to be one of the most significant residential locations in all of Florida – pretty cool, right? This mansion was once a winter getaway for J&L Steel owner James Laughlin. Featuring Revival, Asian, and Spanish-style architecture, this mansion-turned wedding venue is definitely one to check out!


The Sydonie Mansion wedding venue is a large wedding venue for your special day. With enough space to fit all your wedding guests, you can have your special day being surrounded by everyone you want there. This mansion pairs historical craftsmanship with modern touches to create a unique and magical feeling.


If you’re wondering why this venue is unique and special compared to the other venues in Mount Dora, keep reading! 


Why Is This The Perfect Wedding Venue For You?

Size Accomodations

To start, the size of the Sydonie Mansion wedding venue is amazing! With 11 bathrooms, 13 bedrooms, and 13 fireplaces, the Sydonie Mansion is big enough to fit all your guests and have them stay overnight. This is one of my favorite things since you and your guests won’t have to worry about transportation! 


The Aesthetic

The aesthetics of this wedding venue is what people love the most. Featuring a lot of different architectural styles and wooden moldings throughout the mansion, your Sydonie Mansion wedding will have you feeling like you’re living back in the old days, while also having touches of the modern-day world. The gardens at this venue are also stunning! They are beautifully maintained, and the entire property feels like those mansions you see in the movies. 



Another thing I love about this venue is how easy it is! They have on-site vendors for you to use, so no extra stress will be on your plate to hire and coordinate with outdoor vendors. Their vendors are top-notch, and the food, drinks, décor, and table and chair rentals are of the best quality. Sometimes the most stressful thing about weddings is coordinating with outside vendors, so the fact that they have their own vendors, and you only have to pay one price, how much better can it really get?!



Lastly, I love that this venue offers flexible pricing and packages. Their basic package has pretty much everything you need, but you can always ask to see their list of special add-ons.


Want to Have Your Wedding at The Sydonie Mansion?

If you’re looking for one of the best wedding venues in Mount Dora, Florida, this is it! The Sydonie Mansion is the perfect venue for your dream wedding, especially if you love being a part of history. I absolutely love everything about this venue – from the beauty of it to the flexibility it offers, this venue is definitely one to check out! 


Sydonia Mansion Wedding Venue

Since you are looking you are looking at the Sydonie Mansion wedding venue as a possible wedding location, I’d love to chat with you about your wedding photography needs! Click this link to view my work and let’s start the conversation!

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