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Wedding Advice From Our Brides

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today, we are changing things up a little bit. We are sharing some wedding planning advice from our actual brides! Our Haleigh Nicole Brides are the BEST and know all of the inside scoop on wedding planning. We actually have our own little Facebook group for them to share planning tips! But today, we are opening up the advice for you.

Wedding Advice From Our Brides


First, get a good day-of coordinator; they will make a huge difference.  Ours was Shannon Philbin.  She was great and took so much pressure off of us on the wedding day.  Second, it was so much fun planning all the details together, from the venue, to the food and flowers, to the music and pictures.  It was stressful sometimes, but we kept our focus on what was important and remembered to laugh together.

Married April 7, 2018 at the Dr. Phillips House in Orlando, Florida


Our wedding planning advice can be boiled down into two things: 1)  Find vendors that you know you can trust (wedding planning websites are so helpful in that regard – ratings are a godsend!), and then let them help you make the day perfect. We were so blessed to have such amazing vendors help guide us through all the little decisions. There’s a reason they’re professionals! 2) Figure out what your wedding goal is (our was to have FUN) and then only focus on the things that threaten to make you miss your goal. It’s easy not to sweat the small stuff when you know that you won’t answer “no” to “will this make the wedding less fun”!

Married September 1, 2018 at Old Hickory Golf Club in Woodbridge, Virginia


My biggest wedding planning advice would be to know when to ask for help. Trying to plan our day on my own without any coordinator made me become a horribly stressed out and anxiety ridden person that no one enjoyed being around. I was constantly thinking about what other people would like and not what myself and Matthew would like. It took way too long for me to reach out to our coordinator, but it was one of the best decisions we made. Having a day of coordinator immediately took so much stress out of the day. It made it so Matthew, myself, our friends, and families could enjoy the day.

Married May 11, 2019 at The Marlin Club in St. Augustine, Florida


As for the wedding planning, you can try to organize every last detail, but regardless of how much effort you put in, something is bound to go haywire!  Surround yourself with a great team of professionals to handle the set-up and day-of details so you can enjoy your special day and try to approach the planning process with an open mind, knowing that you can’t please everyone and your original ideas might not pan out.  Your wedding day is meant for you as a couple to enjoy and to share with your friends and family, so make sure you don’t let outside pressure get to you whether it’s on the guest list, flow of events, food, etc.

Also while you’re planning all the details leading up to the big day, make sure you plan a “day of” list for yourself and lay out everything you’ll be wearing or taking with you to the venue (change of shoes, jewelry, purse/wallet/ID, overnight bag if you’re not returning home and anything else you might need but not think of).  Assign someone to grab your “go bag” so you can make sure you don’t forget it in your excitement to get out the door. Lastly, a first look photo shoot with your photographer is a great way to still get tons great pictures, but still have time to enjoy your cocktail hour and ceremony with the rest of your guests since you don’t have to take extra time out to do portraits after. Regarding marriage advice, stay tuned…

Married May 25, 2019 at East End Market in Orlando, Florida


Someone gave is some great advice that we wanted to pass along: Everyone says that your wedding day is blur, they’re right, but they never tell you why.  Your wedding is the only time where everyone you love is in one location just to celebrate you, and wants to savor that moment with you.  Don’t forget to take a step back through all of the hugs, handshakes, and conversations, to just enjoy the moment and appreciate that those people traveled from near and far to celebrate you.

Groom dipping bride in front of architecture Orlando Wedding Photographer Best of 2019

Married August 31, 2019 at The State Room in Albany, New York


Bride and groom at sunset Fall Hastings Ranch Wedding St Cloud Florida Orlando Wedding Photographer

We would advise that it’s your day and it’s truly up to you and your partner how you want your wedding. It doesn’t have to be traditional or conventional and you can personalize of how your dream it. Have fun with it!  Also, do not skimp on a photographer. You should choose a photographer you can trust,  will capture the important moments, and like with their editing style. You don’t have to break the bank but you want to make sure your day is documented to share to family for years to come.

Bride holds groom Fall Hastings Ranch Wedding

Married November 24, 2019 at Hastings Ranch in St. Cloud, Florida


bride and groom holding each other bridle oaks barn wedding photographer

 Hire a day of coordinator! If you’re at all lucky, you might end up with one like mine. She was absolutely incredible and executed my vision perfectly. She was there for anything and everything I needed, while making the day so seamless. Also, just enjoy it. Don’t get caught up in the minutia. At the end of the day, you’re there to marry the love of your life and you don’t get that opportunity again. Cherish it.

As far as marriage advice, don’t ever stop dating your partner. Dating and wooing doesn’t end when you get married. Yes; you sealed the deal but that doesn’t mean you should ever stop trying.  Every day I look at Cody, I see the same guy 26 year old boy I fell head over heels for at Halloween Horror Nights over four years ago. As long as you always look at your partner that way, you’ll be alright.

bride ang groom holding hands in front of barn bridle oaks barn wedding photographer

Married December 9, 2019 at Bridle Oaks Barn in Deland, Florida

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