Wedding Seasons: Pros and Cons of Each Time of Year

Are you trying to pick which of the wedding seasons is best to hold your big day in? It’s a complicated system! Florida has very few months that are PERFECT for weddings, and those months are COMPLETELY different than northern states such as Virginia and New York. Here are the pros and cons for each of the wedding seasons to help narrow down your choice. Take this information to help learn more about your area!

Spring Wedding: Pros

  1. Flowers– The flower options for the spring wedding season are endless! Since spring is the time of year where most flowers are blooming, you have so much to choose from. 
  2. Vacations- By the time spring rolls around, most vacations are over! You are also not competing with many holidays, unless you are a college student getting married. Hello, spring break!
  3. Weather- The weather in the spring wedding season is absolutely gorgeous. It’s not too hot and the snow has melted (if you are up north). Perfection in my book!
  4. Color Palette- Have you been dreaming about those pastels for your color palette? Spring is the time of year for these colors!
Spring Wedding Season

Spring Wedding: Cons

  1. Snow- Although most snow has melted by now, you never know when a storm will pop up. If the snow has not completely melted yet, you’ll have some not so pretty icy patches and it will be very wet.
  2. Allergies- Allergies are REAL in the spring wedding season. Your spouse may think you are shedding tears for them, but in reality, it’s probably a mix of both. Plus, you’ll need to get some tissues as favors (for the tears and allergies, of course).
  3. Popularity- With all of the pros above, it is clear that the spring wedding season is extremely popular. Many vendors book spring weddings over a year in advance because of the gorgeous factor!

Summer Wedding: Pros 

  1. Long Hours- Summer is the best wedding season if you aren’t looking for a 3:00pm ceremony and want to party the night away. With the daylight hours so long, you can start any time up until 6pm! 
  2. Fun- Summer weddings also can guarantee a good time. This is the perfect season to implement themes such as group camping, smores, and food trucks! 
  3. Affordability- In Florida, venues are often cheaper in the summer because it’s our off-season (that darn heat)! Destination wedding couples should look in to summer weddings due to this factor. 
Summer Wedding Season

Summer Wedding: Cons

  1. Heat- As mentioned above, Florida is HOT. So hot, you’ll be sweating your makeup off INSIDE. Northern states are a little less killer, but it is a fairly even playing field. You can always try Alaska for cooler weather! I’ll gladly join you. 
  2. Weather- The weather in Florida is unpredictable. The rain is a given, but you will never know for how long or how heavy it will be. It’s normally not as bad in other states, but you could also end up with a cold wedding! Ask me about my best friend’s wedding in Virginia in May. It was a shocker.
  3. Summer Vacations- Since school is out, this is when most people plan their summer vacations. You would need to plan your wedding a year in advance to make sure your guests could attend.
  4. Lighting- Since it is so bright and hot in the summer, I can guarantee there will be harsh lighting. This will bring intense shadows to most photos. To hide this, you’ll need to be in shade, which often won’t show your gorgeous venue. 

Fall Wedding: Pros

  1. Weather- The weather will start to cool! It’s not scorching hot like summer, but not freezing like winter. It is the perfect in-between time! It is also the most predictable weather season.
  2. Colors- Do you love those darker colors like maroon and green? This is your season! Fall allows the darker colors to pop and gives a great moody feel. 
  3. Lighting- Lighting in fall is absolutely gorgeous. You will be able to choose a ceremony time up until 5pm and have a gorgeous sunset at dinner. Not too early, but not too late either!
  4. Natural Beauty- The leaves are falling and fall foliage can save you money on flowers in the long run! You won’t need as much decor if you are holding an outdoor event. 
Fall Wedding Season

Fall Wedding: Cons

  1. Hurricane Season- If you live in Florida, or on any of the coast lines, it is the most active part of hurricane season. You will have to think of a backup plan for your wedding day, or even a backup date. Many people will also be nervous to travel if they see an active hurricane over the waters. 
  2. Back-to-School- Fall is back to school time. Many people will have just come back from vacations and won’t have as much in their funds to travel for your wedding day. It will also be more difficult to pull their children from school if they are traveling to your wedding.
  3. Holidays- Fall is the start of holiday season. If your wedding falls around the Thanksgiving holiday, you may find it more difficult to have guests RSVP as many have holiday plans. You would need to send your invitations up to a year in advance.
  4. Vendors- Fall is the BUSIEST wedding season. Vendors book fall dates anywhere from a year to two years out. It is the perfect weather for ALL areas in the country. A fall date would need to be booked immediately, not last minute. 

Winter Wedding: Pros

  1. Weather- If you are in Florida, the weather is definitely a pro! It is the coolest it will ever be, but not freezing. Perfect weather for a destination wedding! 
  2. Date- In Florida, winter weddings are not as popular, so you will have a lot more options to choose from vendor and venue wise. You may even get discounts at some places!
  3. Options- The winter wedding season allow fun options for your reception such as hot cocoa, fireplaces, candles, and icicle lighting. Winter wonderland!!
  4. Snow- In the north, winter weddings have the wonderful background of SNOW!! How dreamy!! When the snow is falling during your wedding, you can create some magical photos!
Winter Wedding Season

Winter Wedding Season: Cons

  1. Holidays- Again, holidays play a huge factor for weddings, especially in the winter. Christmas is when most people travel to see family, so sending out your invitations early is VITAL. It is also the time of year when companies book out hotels for holiday parties, so blocking off rooms for your guests early is key. 
  2. Weather- In the north, the weather in winter is not ideal. You will encounter blizzards and incredibly cold temperatures. It can also make it difficult for vendors to travel to you. Keep this in mind when selecting your date!
  3. Lighting- Winter wedding season is gorgeous, but the days are MUCH shorter. You will have less light for portraits and it will require you to have an early ceremony/dinner. In Florida, the sun sets around 5pm in winter.
  4. Clothing- Since it is so much colder, you will have to consider layers for your wedding day. You don’t want your wedding party or yourselves freezing! The extra layers will add an extra cost to your day as well as another item to keep track of. 

Which of the Wedding Seasons is Right for You?

At the end of the day, it is important to choose the wedding season that best fits you and your fiancé. Your timing is above everyone else’s. However, keeping in mind your location and the factors that affect each of the wedding seasons in your location can help you make the best choice!

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