6 Simple Wedding Tasks to Do From Your Couch While Binging Netflix

6 Simple Wedding Tasks to Do From Your Couch While Binging Netflix

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Wedding Tasks to Do From Your Couch

I’m sure Jack and I aren’t alone right now. Planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic? YIKES. It definitely feels like we can’t do a ton of our wedding planning since we can’t leave the house, but surprisingly, 90% of our wedding has officially been planned!! Today, I’m sharing 6 wedding tasks that you can do from your couch during this crazy and scary time.

Hire Your Photographer

Okay, I’m going to start with probably the easiest wedding task (and the biggest/most important one on my list): The Photographer. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been following your dream photographer on Instagram FOREVER. Now is your chance to reach out! Show your fiancé their style and make sure you are on the same page first, though. Then, send them a message on their website! Most photographers will even have an option to setup a Facetime/Zoom call with you if you want to meet them face-to-face to talk. We knew who we wanted right away (shout out to the wonderful Katelyn James!!) and emailed her to officially get on her calendar. A MAJOR task off of our list, and done right on the comfort of our couch!

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Order Wedding Invitations

Another task we were able to mark off our list in this time was our wedding invitations! Jack and I checked out many different designs on Minted and picked the one that spoke to us most. We even got a matching website! Once the invitations came in (super quick, by the way), we were able to stuff the envelopes together and get them in the mail. Such an easy task to do from the couch!

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Create Your Guest List

Speaking of invites, this is the PERFECT time to create your guest list! This is one of the biggest wedding stressors and getting this wedding task done while you have the downtime will take so much off your plate. We used our Minted website to add each of our guests to the list and even collected addresses from it.

Create DIY Bridesmaid Cups from your couch Orlando Wedding Photographer

DIY Decor

Are you a crafter like I am? You can start working on your DIY decor from your couch! Personally, we don’t have many decorations as we are getting married in the middle of the mountains, but I am working very diligently on our flowers! I am also in the middle of creating special gifts for our getting ready time (shhh. Don’t tell anyone!). Other things to think of are centerpieces, favors, and seating cards. The possibilities are endless!

Create DIY wedding flowerswedding tasks from your couchOrlando Wedding Photographer
Rocky was trying VERY hard to help with our flowers

Order Your Rings

One of the most fun wedding tasks that we were able to do from our couch together was picking out our rings. Jack searched for weeks and found the perfect band to fit his personality from Manly Bands. They sent him a ring sizer and the ring came extremely quickly! I’ve been letting him wear it around the house and he’s never been more excited. I also was able to find the perfect band to match my engagement ring from Blue Nile! Most places have incredible sales right now and it’s a big task to mark off your list!

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Hire a Planner

The most useful and life-saving task you can complete is hiring a wedding planner. They truly make all the difference and will relieve so much stress from your shoulders. Since we are having a destination wedding that’s extremely simple, we did not get one, but any other wedding that I could have planned here? I 10000% would not have made it through without one. Check out the best Daytona wedding planners here!

Wedding Tasks

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