Why Parents Love Ardmore Baptist Preschool in Winston-Salem!

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Being a parent is full of huge decisions. From the name you choose to the neighborhood in which you reside, you’re constantly trying to think of what’s best for your child. This is why the choice of a preschool can feel pretty intimidating. Not only are you trying to find a center that will provide a comprehensive education, but you also want an environment where you know your child will positively thrive. Our town has quite a few exquisite preschools. But Ardmore Baptist Preschool is one of my favorites. With a fantastic approach to learning and a commitment to development, your child will love every day they get to spend here! 

About Ardmore Baptist Preschool

Ardmore Baptist Preschool is a faith-based school that was started by Ardmore Baptist Church. The church was founded in 1927 as a grassroots effort by 36 devoted community members. Since then, the church has grown while continuing to help the city. Their preschool is the perfect example. The original kindergarten was founded in 1948 to give children a space where they could learn while also getting to connect with their peers. Eventually, this center grew to include a preschool. Now, starting at the age of 3 months, children can come here for care while also getting a stellar education. With age-appropriate classrooms and lessons centered on encouraging their development, your child will spend each day learning and growing while having the time of their life. 

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Ardmore Baptist Preschool offers spaces for children from infancy all the way up to kindergarten. The school uses the Reggio Emilia approach for education. This method leans on self-directed learning. Your child will be placed in an environment specifically designed to pique their interest. They’ll find different ways to experiment so that learning becomes exciting to them. The school doesn’t use any one set curriculum. Instead, they focus on each individual child and assist them in building relationships while also learning more about the world around them. They understand that each child comes in with their own unique knowledge about the world. Instead of strictly instructing, the teachers play alongside the children, encouraging them to ask questions while engaging their curiosity. They know that your child is already a vital participant in the world, and they want to listen to them and help them grow. 

During your child’s time at the preschool, they’ll participate in different activities meant to nurture their development. They will make terrific crafts, read enthralling stories, and approach learning in hands-on ways. The school doesn’t carry a ton of plastic toys. Instead, they take the time to stock up the classroom with natural materials children can make their own. This allows them to use their imagination and see the world in a brand-new way. The teachers are collaborative in their work, borrowing off each other’s strengths to give your child the very best tools for their own learning. They also work closely with other Reggio Emilia schools to find out how they can improve their center for the benefit of your child.

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One of the best things about the school is how much they encourage your child to be out in nature. The playground incorporates wood stepping stones, sand, and mud. The children go outside even when the weather’s a little bit rainy. They want your child to spend this time exploring while building up meaningful relationships with their friends. 

The school loves encouraging creativity and will host art shows where your child will get the chance to show off their many talents. Ardmore Baptist Preschool will also raffle off some of these pieces as well as prize baskets so they can raise money to improve the space. During these nights, you’ll see what your child has been working on while also getting to hear them perform a special song. 

The preschool is community-centered. They know your child is already an active part of society and want to help them grow in this role. They’ll collect food for local pantries and diapers for pregnancy networks. They also have a strict non-discrimination rule to make sure your child learns in a diverse atmosphere. 

Ardmore Baptist Preschool

If you’ve been trying to find the best preschool for your child, it’s time to consider Ardmore Baptist Preschool. Their passionate teachers, engaging atmosphere, and creative approach guarantee your child will get an unparalleled start to their education. 

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