Aussie Doula Supplies Professional Birthing Assistance in Charlotte

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Pregnancy is a journey unlike any other. Nothing can prepare you for the weird and rapid changes your body will suddenly undergo. From the random food aversions to the unexpected aches, not even Google can properly help you find all the answers you need for this strange season. This is why collaborative approaches to pregnancy and childbirth are the perfect solution. By working with a team of professionals at the very beginning of your pregnancy, you can always have the best advice and know what to expect at every point. If you’ve been trying to find the right person to give you answers throughout pregnancy and coach you as you get closer to your due date, you should check out Aussie Doula. This team is filled with doulas ready to help you navigate the strange and magical journey of having a baby. 

About Aussie Doula

Aussie Doula was started by Helen Herzig to help families all around North Carolina. Helen has always described doulas as being “anxiety vacuums.” Her mission is to support families with whatever pregnancy and labor choices they make. Throughout her time as a doula, she’s been present for more than 600 births, has trained countless other professionals, and regularly provides advice for those looking to improve their practice. These days, Helen takes on a very limited number of clients at one time, so she can focus on building up a team of the best doulas around. 

Aussie Doula has a large team of credentialed doulas you’ll be able to work with throughout your pregnancy. With so many available, you can take your time and find one that works best for your family. The team is diverse and inclusive. They welcome LGBTQIA+ clients and strive to offer unparalleled care to each individual. They take on clients all across the greater Charlotte area, providing our city with the best assistance around! 

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At Aussie Doula, you’ll work with someone who understands your birth choices should be front and center. The team offers labor doulas who will be there while you craft your birth plan and will ensure your delivery team sees it through as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if you want a natural home birth assisted by a traditional midwife or prefer to have a hospital birth with an OB who gives you an epidural the second you need it. 

Your labor doula will be there to support you! You’ll start out your service by speaking to Helen over the phone about what you want with your delivery. Helen will pair you with the perfect doula. You’ll have a consultation to make sure they’re the right fit. You’ll be able to chat with your doula all throughout your pregnancy, and once it’s time to deliver, they’ll be there. They’ll coach you or provide a quiet and calming presence if that’s what you prefer. Afterward, they’ll remain until breastfeeding is established, and they know you’re on the path to recovery. 

Postpartum Services

Aussie Doula knows that those first few months of parenthood can be pretty draining. They’re here to help you through it. The team provides postpartum doulas who will be there to offer you a variety of different tools. They can provide care specifically for you. They’ll make sure you have all the information you need and will keep you well-rested so you can focus on bonding with your baby. They offer care for your baby during this time. Whether they’re helping you put your baby down for a nap, soothing those big emotions, or watching them so you can relax, they’ll make sure your little one has everything they need. 

Lastly, they’ll take care of any housework so you can focus on recovering and bonding with your baby. They can do meal prep, take care of chores, and help you make sure everything is running smoothly. Their services will help you feel fully prepared for early parenthood. 

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Aussie Doula provides multiple specialty services, including placenta encapsulation. The center relies on the Traditional Chinese Method to encapsulate the placenta following delivery. They use a special kitchen where they can ensure the process is completed with the proper care. You’ll receive anywhere from 100-200 pills as well as an umbilical cord keepsake. 

The center wants to make sure you have the village you need while raising your little one. They’ve created a monthly moms’ group called Hellie’s Bellies, where you can connect with other parents in a similar season as your family. You can ask questions and get advice. The center is there to make those early years of parenthood way less isolating. 

Aussie Doula

Preparing for your little one doesn’t have to be an overwhelming time. With Aussie Doula, you’ll have all the help you need as you prepare to meet your brand-new baby. 

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