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Why is healthcare so darn complicated? We all want to stay healthy, but navigating the healthcare system can be a total nightmare. It can take forever to find a primary care doctor you trust for your family. Factor in things like dietitians and behavioral health specialists, and it quickly becomes overwhelming. This is why I’m all about places that let you have accessible care within one convenient location. Whether you’re looking for a new pediatrician, need nutritional guidance, or want information on why that sore throat just won’t go away, Advance Community Health in Apex, North Carolina, is the place for you.

About Advance Community Health Apex

Advance Community Health has been a staple in North Carolina healthcare since 1972. The community health center is non-profit and patient-governed, giving it the ability to break down barriers when it comes to treatment. Their mission is to provide exceptional care to every patient regardless of income level, cultural background, or even insurance status. Since the center was founded, over 26,000 patients have been treated by the talented and diverse team of care providers. With six locations across North Carolina, you’re never too far from their unrivaled care!

The location in Apex was one of the first Advance Community Health centers to open. It started out on Hunter Street in 1975, providing family health to residents around the town. In 1992, the center relocated to 212 S. Salem Street near CC Jones Park. You’ll be able to access a variety of services, and rest assured you’re receiving the best healthcare in the city.  


Each Advance Community Health location offers a unique selection of services with experts in every field. At Apex, you will receive primary care from either Dr. Zaid El Tannir or Dr. Preetha Parathattal. The entire family can schedule appointments with these providers starting from the very first weeks of life. The providers offer pediatric appointments where your little one can receive regular well-visits, keep their immunizations up-to-date, and complete physicals for school. Their adult medical checks will make sure you’re staying healthy while their women’s care provides services, including family planning. They specialize in treating minor trauma, providing chronic care, and running labs to keep you in the clear. You’re able to access these services both in-person and virtually with their telehealth appointments. 

A mother sits in a hospital room chair holding her sleeping newborn baby in her arms by a window advance community health apex

Behavioral Health

At the center, Raina Briggs will provide you with all of your behavioral health needs. Raina is a licensed social worker as well as an associate licensed clinical addiction specialist. You can be screened for ADHD, depression, and anxiety. She’ll assist you with chronic disease management or grief therapy. You can also get help treating substance abuse or stopping smoking. Raina treats patients both in person and virtually. 

Nutritional Health

Their nutritional services are there to ensure you have the tools to stay healthy and active. You’ll work with Molly Parris, a registered dietician and licensed dietitian nutritionist. You can receive education and management assistance for diabetes or receive medical nutrition therapy. You can also get all the information you need on how to prioritize nutrition. These services are offered exclusively through their telehealth services. 

The Advance Community Health in Apex has a convenient pharmacy where you can get any prescriptions filled directly after your appointment. The pharmacy works with a 340B Sliding Scale Discount Program, so you can get affordable medication no matter what. They’ll counsel you on use while you’re there. They offer translation services and can even deliver the prescriptions right to your doorstep should you have any barriers that might keep you from picking them up. 

New parents sit in a hospital room chair looking down at their newborn baby sleeping in a bundle of blanket in mom's arms advance community health apex

Advance Community Health Apex Specialty

One of the best aspects of Advance Community Health is their unparalleled dedication to offering you any assistance you need. They use Patient Portal, making it a breeze to access the website so you can pay any bills, access your medical records, and schedule appointments. Prior to your appointment, you’ll have the ability to fill out any forms so you can get in and get treated without the hassle of racing to complete paperwork before you’re called back.

The center will help you enroll in insurance should you need it. They’re experts at navigating systems such as Medicaid and will help you see if you qualify. And if you don’t, no worries! They’ll work with you to help you find the plan that’s right for you through the Affordable Care Marketplace. 

The site knows that emergencies don’t always happen during convenient office hours. They have an on-call service that you can reach all day, any day. You can receive assistance from the on-call provider so you can avoid the ER. 

Advance Community Health Apex

Healthcare doesn’t have to be a headache! With Advance Community Health in Apex, you can receive quality care from world-class doctors who are dedicated to keeping you at your best. 

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