See Your Baby at Blooming Baby 4D Ultrasounds in Wake Forest!

Details of a sleeping newborn baby with a white knit blanket

From the second you get those two pink lines, you’re constantly thinking about your baby. What will you name them? What will bring out their giggle for the very first time? Will they sleep? And whose nose will they have? While there’s no way to find out the answers to most of these questions, technology has brought us to the point where we can see what our babies look like before we even get to hold them in our arms. Ultrasounds have improved significantly over the past decade, and we can now get a pretty good peek during pregnancy. Unfortunately, not every doctor’s office provides 4D ultrasounds. Blooming Baby 4D is here to fix that. This innovative office provides a warm space where you’ll get to see your baby well before delivery. 

About Blooming Baby 4D

Blooming Baby is a boutique office that provides you with a one-of-a-kind experience getting to peek at your little one. The office opened in 2017 by Cheryle Lakes and lives off Rogers Road in Wake Forest, North Carolina. When you enter the chic space, you’ll be greeted by knowledgeable employees who can’t wait to assist you with this magical moment. The office is upscale, with stylish decorations and comfortable furniture. All the technologists are certified and passionate. The exam room is outfitted with a 70” television and has plenty of cozy seating for your family and friends. The ultrasounds are safe, and all the equipment has been FDA-approved. Blooming Baby was designed to give you a worry-free experience so you can finally meet your little one. 

A happy father stands in a hospital room holding his sleeping newborn baby wrapped in blankets blooming baby 4d

Products and Services

When you book an appointment with Blooming Baby 4D, you’ll be able to select from a variety of different packages. How long your appointment takes depends on the package you choose. The office invites you to bring as many family and friends as you’d like to your appointment, but don’t worry if they can’t be there in person. Blooming Baby provides live-streaming both in the exam room and for people with the link, so anyone you’d like to peek in on your baby will get the opportunity. 

The office offers packages for both single and multiple sessions. You can get 2D ultrasounds starting at 8 weeks and 3D/4D ultrasounds starting at 14 weeks. Throughout these sessions, you’ll get to hear your baby’s wonderful heartbeat and get black and white prints. You’ll also get discounts on future appointments. From here, you get to choose what additional services you’d like. They provide DVD recordings set to lullabies, color prints, gift bags, USBs, and live streams.

They’ll offer you gender scans and will rescan if your baby isn’t feeling particularly cooperative that day. You can get up to 25 minutes of seeing what your baby is up to while they grow. Their multiple-session packages provides you anywhere from 2-5 appointments throughout your pregnancy. In addition to the choice of any of the incredible amenities listed above. They also offer adorable add-ons, such as stuffed animals with a recording of your baby’s heartbeat inside. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a white dinosaur cap and knit blanket in mom's arms blooming baby 4d


At Blooming Baby 4D, they understand that sometimes, the opportunity to relax is the best way to enjoy every second of pregnancy. It’s why they provide prenatal massages. You can get packages that include multiple massages by trained professionals. For up to 90 minutes, you’ll get to unwind while a massage therapist works on your overworked muscles. Not only are these sessions relaxing, but they’re designed to target common problem areas. By spending some time on these strained muscles, you’ll be able to move around with ease while also experiencing a reprieve from symptoms such as swollenness, back pain, carpal tunnel, and even sleeplessness. 

Their amazing pictures aren’t the only way to remember your pregnancy. The office provides belly casting so you can hang on to the experience of growing your baby. During this process, they make a plaster cast either over old clothes or bare skin. The ideal time to get this done is between 30-38 weeks of pregnancy. You’ll have a gorgeous keepsake you can treasure long after that little baby isn’t so little anymore. 

Blooming Baby 4D

If pregnancy has you feeling antsy, you should consider scheduling a 4D ultrasound! At Blooming Baby 4D, you’ll have a safe and relaxing experience getting to meet your little one for the very first time. 

Once you have those 4D pictures done, it’s time to start thinking about booking some gorgeous portraits once your baby is born. That’s where we come in! We’re a husband-and-wife duo who specialize in maternity and newborn photography. We’re here to make sure you have dreamy pictures to remember this time forever. If you’ve been considering booking a session, we’d love to connect! Contact us today to find out more.