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Having a baby in the 21st century is a strange experience. The internet tends to give a platform to everyone who wants one, regardless of qualifications. Unsurprisingly, it’s led to a whole lot of armchair experts who have way too much to say about others’ birth experiences. This is why we’re such big fans of actual, certified experts who will sit and help you make the choices that are right for you. Doulas are professional birth coaches who are there to assist you throughout every stage of early parenthood. They’re well-informed and can give you tons of sources outside of “I read it on Google once” and “my mom’s friend’s sister’s cousin.” And they are there to support you entirely. If you’ve been searching for someone who will make sure your birth experience is positive, we’d love to tell you all about Bella Labor!

About Bella Labor

Bella Labor was started by Sarah Smith. Sarah has always been passionate about childbirth. Throughout her childhood, she attended the births of two of her siblings. She became a certified doula in 2003, assisting those closest to her. She finally decided to make this her full-time career once her own children started school. 

Today, she works all around Charlotte, helping families meet their newest members. She uses her own experiences as a mother in her work. Additionally, she is especially knowledgeable about conditions such as congenital heart defects after her first son was diagnosed, requiring multiple heart surgeries as a baby. She knows how to care for medically fragile babies and their parents. This compassion is what has made her one of the top doulas in the area. While she’s the main one at the practice, she works with Andrea Gerdes of Complete Joy Birth Services. The two groups work as a team to provide collaborative care and to ensure you have a backup so you’re never without the very best help. 

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At Bella Labor, they offer a birth package that ensures you have assistance through every step of your pregnancy. Your service will start out with a complimentary consultation. During this initial meeting, you’ll get to know Sarah and make sure she’s the perfect match for your family. You can ask as many questions as you need so you can feel confident in the care of Bella Labor.

Once you sign on, you’ll have two in-person prenatal meetings. You’ll tell your doula your birth preferences and work on creating a birth plan that fits. They’ll provide you with a thorough education over any decisions and review different comfort measures so you’ll know all your options before labor happens. Throughout your entire pregnancy, you’ll be able to communicate with your doula no matter the time or day. It doesn’t matter if you have a major question or are just feeling a bit anxious. Your doula will be there to give you all the reassurance you need. 

Once it’s time for labor to begin, your doula will be ready! Whether you choose to labor at home, in a birth center, or at the hospital, your doula will be there assisting you. They’ll make sure your birth plan is respected as much as possible. They’ll provide both physical and emotional support so you have endurance. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on going naturally or want an epidural the second you walk into your room. Your doula will be by your side for every decision. 

Postpartum Care

Once your baby has arrived, your doula will ensure you’re on your way to recovery. They’ll remain with you for up to two hours and will assist you with breastfeeding if you need it. They’ll also provide you with any help transitioning into the postpartum stage. You’ll receive one additional follow-up appointment at home, where you can discuss your birth experience and get all the postpartum advice you need. 

A mother to be in a red maternity gown stands in a field of tall golden grass at sunrise while holding her bump Bella Labor


Your doula wants to ensure you have all the tools you need for parenthood. Whatever answers they can’t provide, they’ll connect you with their resources to make sure you’re properly prepared. They have a great library of books, instructional videos, and articles. If that’s not enough, don’t worry! They have connections with tons of professionals, so you can have all the help you need.

Their commitment to working with other doula groups ensures you’ll always have the best care. If your primary doula is unable to attend your delivery, your backup doula will be there to help. They’ll also tag in if your labor is taking too long. This way, you’ll always have a well-rested and alert doula by your side. The team can also connect you to specialty postpartum doulas should you need it. These incredible experts will assist with breastfeeding, handle light housework, or watch your baby so you can get all the rest you need. 

Bella Labor

By hiring a doula, you’ll never have to worry about feeling overly anxious throughout pregnancy. Bella Labor will be there to help you every step of the way so you always have the best answers. 

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