Why Parents Love the Education at Childtime of Greensboro!

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As a parent, one of the things you may need to start looking for is a place that provides childcare. What if you could find a place that does just that and also offers early childhood education? Luckily, there is a place nearby where you can have both! Childtime of Greensboro is a wonderful place to check out that will provide the most optimal care, and fun education, for your kiddo!

About Childtime Of Greensboro

Founded in 1967 as a smaller division of the Gerber Products Company, Childtime of Greensboro has expanded to over two hundred different learning centers nationwide. What’s more, many of these centers are conveniently located in government facilities, corporate sites, offices, and hospitals.

Childtime offers educational and childcare services to children ages six weeks through twelve years old. Each staff member is fully trained and educated in all things childcare. Moreover, your child will be guided through their individual journey thoroughly. Each process is different and provides your child with a homey and secure environment. This creates a safe environment for your child to learn and explore.

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The Curriculum

Childtime of Greensboro operates under the idea that children are filled with a natural curiosity and an overwhelming amount of creativity. This is known as the Reggio Emilia approach and forms the basis for each learning journey where the collaborative environment is warm and inviting. Of course, each teacher creates strong, long-lasting relationships with their kiddos. Additionally, the curriculum is based on children’s questions and skills.

Once enrolled, each teacher provides their students with materials and active experiences. Each activity aids the students in developing their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Equally, the enriching environment promotes the very best learning and attributes to your child’s general development as a whole. Additionally, the space will give your child plenty of opportunities to express themselves and allow them to self-direct some of their learning.

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Positive Behavior Support

As your kiddo begins to grow, you may begin to notice some behaviors that may pose a little bit of a challenge. Some of these behaviors may include aggression, defiance, and even hurtful word choices. While your child is developing, they have not yet learned the emotional, social, cognitive, and verbal skills they need to showcase positive behaviors.

Luckily, Childtime of Greensboro sees each challenge as an opportunity to teach. These challenges will be faced with a program called myPath. This program offers over a thousand strategies for teachers to help your child develop the correct behaviors. In addition, myPath is backed up and trusted by many professionals in the developmental field. The targeted strategies can help combat bad behaviors at their core. Childtime educators are experts in positive behaviors, so with the right tools in tow, redirecting challenging behaviors is a breeze!

Childtime of Greensboro

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