Embracing New Beginnings At UNC Birth Center in Chapel Hill

A mother to be in a green maternity gown smiles over her shoulder while standing in a forest at sunset after visiting unc birth center

There’s a lot that goes into creating your perfect birth plan. From researching different methods to finding the right healthcare provider, it feels like there’s always something on your mind. One of the best ways to ensure you can have a positive birth experience is to be mindful when choosing your birth center. This space will determine what tools are available to you as well as how much your providers will listen when it’s time to deliver. If you’re looking for a patient-centered option that gives you total control over your labor, I’d love to tell you about UNC Birth Center. This fantastic space is dedicated to empowering you throughout your entire pregnancy and delivery. 

About UNC Birth Center

UNC Birth Center is one of the many offerings through the UNC School of Medicine. The system brings together the brightest new minds in the field of medicine to bring you healthcare that works for you. Throughout the different locations, you’ll find experts in both mental and physical health. Their goal is to help North Carolina locals achieve total health by caring for their holistic well-being. 

While every department of UNC shines, their birth center is the best example of their commitment to excellence. While most hospitals limit your birth options, UNC invites you to take your prenatal care into your own hands. They provide top-of-the-line OBs and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists for traditional prenatal care. If you’d prefer more control over your birth plan, you can choose to use a certified nurse midwife for your delivery. The center even provides doulas so you can build up your ideal birth team. All prenatal visits will happen within the same building where you’ll deliver, so you can feel comfortable navigating the building once it’s time to go! You can check out the UNC Birth Center at 101 Manning Drive in Chapel Hill. 

A mom to be stands in a forest at sunset in a green maternity gown smiling and holding the bump after visiting unc birth center


The UNC Birth Center is a certified Baby Friendly location that prioritizes mothers and newborns. When your contractions start, head to the hospital where you can choose to use the convenient valet parking. From there, you’ll be directed to the Stork Entrance. This entrance takes you right up to the labor and delivery center. So you can check into your room as fast as possible. The building has a separate information desk where visitors will check in for an extra layer of security. 

For labor, you’ll be placed in a private suite where you can labor in comfort. Throughout your delivery, you’ll have access to tools, including peanut and birthing balls, as well as jacuzzi tubs for hydrotherapy. For pain relief, you can choose from IV pain medication, epidurals, and nitrous oxide. Throughout, your birth team will be by your side, making sure your plan is followed as much as possible. Once your baby is born, your provider will make sure you can do immediate skin-to-skin. 

Following delivery, you’ll recover in the postpartum suites. These rooms feature pull-out couches for your partner. Your baby will remain in your room except for the periodic times when the hospital performs routine tests. You’ll get to give your baby their first bath once you’re able. If you choose to breastfeed, the hospital’s lactation consultants will work with you to facilitate the first few feedings. If you deliver vaginally, then you will remain at the hospital for 2 days. But a c-section, requires 3 days. The duration of your stay might also be determined by insurance as well as your doctor’s opinion. Once it’s time to go, you’ll place your baby in the car seat. But above you, you will have all the information you need for life with your newest family member. 

A mother to be wearing a long green maternity gown stands in a forest at sunset


UNC Birth Center understands the stress of high-risk pregnancies and strives to make everything as manageable as possible. Throughout your pregnancy, you’ll be closely monitored by a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist. If you need to be admitted to the hospital before your due date, you’ll be placed in the Antepartum Unit. You’ll have access to childbirth and parenting education courses during your stay so you can make sure you’re completely prepared for your baby’s birth. The hospital has a Level IV NICU for babies who might have unique needs. Your newborn will have some of the best doctors and nurses providing care at every single moment. 

Before your baby is born, the hospital invites you to tour the campus. On top of their fabulous childbirth and parenting classes, the center offers group tours for parents so you can walk around and get familiar with the space before labor starts. The hospital offers additional sibling courses where older kids will get to see the tour of the birth center while learning what they should expect from newborn siblings. 


As you approach your due date, you may consider who you would like in the room during your visit to the UNC Birth Center. Luckily, some information is in place to consider while making these important decisions. If you wish to have some of your support system in the room, you can have up to three visitors, plus your doula, in your room during labor. Your support person and doula can remain in the room when delivering your baby.

In addition, if you would like to have your child present during your baby’s birth, talk to your provider for the sibling class and tour during your third trimester!

Find Your Perfect Birth Team At UNC Birth Center

If you’re looking for the perfect space for your delivery, check out the UNC Birth Center. This modern space gives you the resources so you can have the birth experience that’s right for you. 

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