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Sometimes, the path to pregnancy is difficult. Some people spend years dreaming of a baby only to get negative tests time and time again. It is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating situations in life. Not only do you have to deal with the pain of watching your body betray you, but it also feels like everyone around you is being handed the very thing you’ve been waiting so long for. If you’ve been trying to conceive with no success, it might be time to turn to a fertility center. Carolinas Fertility Institute in Charlotte is one of the best spaces around for this journey. This state-of-the-art center is staffed by compassionate experts who are prepared to help you find the best solution to infertility. 

About Carolinas Fertility Institute in Charlotte

Carolinas Fertility Institute (CFI for short) is a fertility center with three different locations across North Carolina as well as two affiliate locations. Their location in Charlotte is on East 7th Street near Briar Creek. The Carolinas team is led by Dr. Tamer Yalcinkaya, a fertility expert with over twenty years of experience. Dr. Yalcinkaya is joined by a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to helping you find the best course of treatment. 

The center uses unique treatments that most fertility centers do not have access to. You’ll receive personalized care from an expert who understands how stressful this process can be. They want to help you shift through the piles of information so you can have answers as well as a solid plan for treatment. You’ll have access to affordable financial options every step of the way. They also have their SART report readily available and are ready to walk through the results to show you why they’re an exceptional option for your family. 

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During your first appointment at CFI, you’ll meet with a provider who will spend time understanding your situation. They encourage you to have all medical records sent to the office ahead of time so they can understand more about your case. They’ll walk you through different treatment options and decide on the path that’s right for you. Once you have your plan in place, you’ll start testing and attending office visits before beginning treatment itself. 

The office provides fertility testing for everyone. Because men account for infertility in around 30% of cases, they want to make sure they have a clear picture before they provide the path for treatment. They provide blood testing, cervical mucus testing, sperm count testing, and special photo imaging. They also provide specialty tests if the others don’t provide a clear answer. 

The institute has a long list of treatment options and will pair you with the right one. One of the most common treatments is ovulation induction, a non-invasive process that stimulates ovulation in women who do not have regular cycles. This option can be completed either on its own or paired with another fertility treatment. They provide artificial insemination in the form of either intrauterine insemination or intracervical insemination. This method is prescribed for unexplained infertility, endometriosis, or sperm problems. 

IVF Center

Carolinas Fertility Institute prides itself on its Charlotte IVF center and its high success rate with this course of treatment. In this process, the egg is fertilized outside of the body before being implanted inside the uterus. Skilled staff complete the process inside a state-of-the-art lab. The office uses EmbryoScope to monitor embryo development. Their high-tech approach has been helpful in growing families all across North Carolina. 

The office uses Da Vinci Robotic Surgery, which is performed by Dr. Yalcinkaya. This procedure is minimally invasive and highly effective for treating a host of infertility issues, from tubal blockage to fibroids. You’ll be back to normal activities relatively quickly following your surgery. 

The center provides counseling through Three Birds Counseling. They understand this process can be mentally challenging and want to give you the support you need. You’ll have a safe space where you can process any anxiety, shame, or depression that can often come from this journey. 

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On top of their fertility treatments, the institute provides multiple options for preserving your fertility. This is a great choice for people who might be worried about egg quality as they age. It’s also incredibly helpful for patients who are undergoing cancer treatment and want that option after they’re in remission. All procedures take place within the institute’s location. So you don’t have to worry about off-site storage. Cryopreservation is very effective and doesn’t compromise your eggs’ quality.  

The institute offers a very competitive compensation plan for people who want to donate their eggs for families who might be struggling to conceive. They have a list of requirements to ensure families have the best options available. Parents will then use IVF to implant the fertilized egg in their uterus. 

Carolinas Fertility Institute Charlotte

Infertility can be a difficult and isolating experience. Through Carolinas Fertility Institute Charlotte, you’ll have exceptional treatment options offered by some of the best experts in the industry. 

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