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Pregnancy is a time of rapid change for your body, so naturally, you’re going to have a lot of needs. Whether you want to treat body aches or get answers to your many, many questions, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to find a space that understands you. This is what sets Carolina Birth and Wellness apart from every other pregnancy center. This space offers a number of different services to give your body exactly what it needs. From matching you with someone who will serve as a coach for your labor to providing a relaxing space where you can take an hour each week to unwind, this incredible spot is guaranteed to have exactly what you need.  

About Carolina Birth and Wellness

Carolina Birth and Wellness is a unique pregnancy center started by Emily Chaffee. Emily became a birth doula following her pregnancy in 2015. She loved getting to help different families find their own voices for their deliveries. Emily used this passion to start Carolina Birth and Wellness. She went to work employing other doulas and finding birth professionals who would empower families all across North Carolina. She brought on Maris Feeley as a fellow owner and director to bring her vision to life. 

The mission of the center is to give families a non-judgemental space where they can receive holistic care. All of the employees are passionate about giving parents the experience they want for their births. They welcome every client and are LGBTQIA+ inclusive. Their main priority is to help you have the pregnancy and birth experience that is right for you. 

The center is beautifully decorated and carefully thought out. The entryway features plenty of room for strollers, while the body rooms have calming colors and filled with relaxing aromas. You’ll instantly be able to tell this is a space created by people who understand the art of growing a baby!

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First and foremost, Carolina Birth and Wellness focuses on providing doulas for families all across Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham, as well as the surrounding areas. Their large team of exceptional birth doulas guarantees you’ll find a professional who is right for you. Their doulas will assist with both home births as well as hospital births. They’ll work closely with your provider all throughout your pregnancy and make sure you are always receiving the best treatment.

As you get closer to your delivery, your doula will work with you to create the birth plan that’s right for you. They’ll provide you with information and advice so you’ll feel fully prepared. Once labor begins, they’ll be by your side. Whether you need a calming presence or a hands-on coach, they have you covered. They’ll ensure your birth plan remains honored as much as possible and stay with you for the first hour or two following your delivery. 

Their postpartum doulas will change your life! Those first few months can be hectic, and it’s so hard to relax enough to actually enjoy them. Their postpartum doulas will help you with any potential breastfeeding issues. They’ll assist with recovery, take on some light housework, complete meal prep, and run errands for you. And if you need some rest, never fear! Your doula will take care of your baby so you can get the sleep you so desperately deserve. 

The center provides premium services that will prepare your body for labor. Their prenatal yoga classes will increase your strength and flexibility, which will help throughout the hours of labor, while their prenatal massage services will target overworked muscles and alleviate some uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. The center also provides services, including vaginal steaming, belly binding, placenta encapsulation, and lactation consultants.  

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At Carolina Birth and Wellness, they understand that sometimes, the road to pregnancy becomes complicated. They have specialists just for this. They provide fertility self-care boxes filled with items that are safe for when you’re trying to conceive. You’ll enjoy scented candles, non-toxic makeup, and at-home hormone tracking. They provide fertility doulas who will provide a natural approach to conception. You’ll learn body literacy, be advised on lifestyle changes, and gain support from people who understand how frustrating the process becomes. You’ll have sessions where you’ll receive evidence-based information to help you along your journey. On top of this, they provide fertility massages as well as fertility support groups where you can meet with other people who are going through the same experiences as you. 

Carolina Birth and Wellness

Pregnancy is a confusing journey, especially for first-time parents. At Carolina Birth and Wellness, you can find a professional who will make this path a little less lonely. 

Once you have your birth team, it’s time to start thinking about pictures. I’m an award-winning maternity and newborn photographer who can’t wait to help you capture every precious memory! If you’ve been thinking about scheduling a session to celebrate your little one, I’d love to connect! Contact me today to find out more. 

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