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Okay, I’m breaching a topic I’ve never really talked about before, but I PROMISE it’s for good reason! The first dance. Just thinking about it is bringing me back to our wedding day and the dread I felt. But, it also produced some of the most amazing and meaningful photos from our wedding day! Today, I’m talking about choreographed first dances and the pros of having one. PLUS, reigning Dancing with the Stars champion Daniella Karagach and pro Pasha Pashkov have put together a special offer for engaged couples from their Wedding Dance School! I can’t wait to share!!

Pros of a Choreographed First Dance


If you are anything like me, thinking of the first dance at my wedding brought me SO many nerves. I have two left feet and can’t dance to save my life. But, since we had our wedding in 2020, we were in quarantine until the day we got on our flight to Colorado. We didn’t have the opportunity to learn a dance or go take dance lessons. Getting up in front of everyone and awkwardly swaying like we were at prom was so embarrassing. Having even a simple choreographed first dance would have calmed our nerves x100000 because we would have been able to practice something substantial!

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Jack and I were so busy with work and dealing with COVID stress leading up to the wedding day that we didn’t really have much quality time together. It’s super important to have that leading up to your wedding day. A perfect way to bond is by learning a dance together! It allows you to have more intimacy with one another. Plus, learning something new together like a new dance is a fun way to let out stress!

Polished and Beautiful Photos

Remember that awkward prom dance I just talked about? Yeah, let’s avoid that! By having a choreographed first dance, you can create an amazing polished look for your wedding day! This is also where those timeless photos come in. Your future generation will be in awe of the moves you pulled off in front of everyone! Your confidence will soar and you’ll seriously relieve so much anxiety.

Choreographed First Dance DWTS Pasha Pashkov Daniella Karagach Wedding Dance School

The Big News for Couples Looking for a Choreographed First Dance….

So, you’re probably thinking, “How the heck are we supposed to make this happen? You JUST said you couldn’t do this with COVID and quarantine!!” Well, here comes the amazing news. Some very familiar faces in the dance world just put out a BRAND NEW program for engaged couples to learn a choreographed first dance! From the comfort of their own homes!!

Choreographed First Dance DWTS Pasha Pashkov Daniella Karagach Wedding Dance School

Wedding Dance School From Dancing With the Stars Pros Pasha and Daniella

That’s right! You can learn your very own choreographed first dance from Dancing With the Stars Pros themselves! My new friends, Pasha Pashkov and Daniella Karagach, launched a program in 2020 called Wedding Dance School. Their program is going to change the wedding industry in such an amazing way, and it starts with the couples! Pasha and Daniella want you to have the perfect first dance. So, they’ve come out with an affordable way to do so from home! Today, I’m going to give you a little peek inside the program and the features they offer!

The Courses

One of my favorite parts about this program is how customizable the experience is. First, it really is for any experience level. Whether you have two left feet like me, or you know some steps, the program can work for anyone. They have three key packages for you to choose from, and you can customize them from there!

The DIY Online Course

Their first course is called the DIY Online Course. Here, you will learn the necessary steps to create a choreographed first dance to the song of your choice. They include lessons on partnering, essential basic steps, posture, dance frames and how to move to the beat of the music. Pasha and Daniella teach you an intro and grand finale for your dance (and some fancy moves in between for those amazing photos!!). In the DIY course, the moves are universal. They can be applied to any song of your choice, as well as for the parent dances. Sounds great, right?!

The Turn Key Online Course

The Turn Key course is their most popular course (and I 1000% see why!!). Trying to decide what song to dance to on your wedding day is a hard and sometimes frustrating decision. So, in the Turn Key course, you will receive everything that’s in the DIY course, but they have selected the most popular classic and modern first dance songs for you! The songs are pre-edited for the perfect first dance length, and the ENTIRE song is choreographed! All you have to do is pick the song you want, and Pasha and Daniella will show you your choreographed dance step-by-step! Who doesn’t want the reigning Dancing with the Stars champion to teach them their wedding dance?!

The Tailor-Made Course

The last course option available is the Tailor-Made Course. If you know exactly what you are looking for in a first dance, have your song picked out and want something unique, or even want an amazing wedding party dance, this is the course for you. Pasha and Daniella have top instructors standing by to bring your vision to life! They will create a custom quote for you with 45 minute online lessons for you to learn from to make that vision come true. Seriously, how amazing is that??

The Extras

But the best part is after you sign up for one of their courses, you receive access to extra features!! This includes video analysis and feedback on your progress by Pasha Pashkov and Daniella Karagach themselves, first dance song editing, private consultations and so much more. WHAT?!

Plus, since they know that so many weddings are being postponed indefinitely, they are giving you access to your course UNTIL YOUR WEDDING DAY!!! It’s usually only 2 months before your wedding, but they really want to you to succeed and want to help out all of the struggling couples right now. So you definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Choreographed First Dance with Wedding Dance School

There is nothing like this from professional dancers out in the wedding world right now. Plus, this is the best time to be learning your choreographed first dance. Pasha and Daniella have made this wedding dance school SO affordable for couples. They also truly understand the importance of the first dance! Plus, they have the cutest relationship and their chemistry is undeniable. If you want to learn from Dancing With the Stars Pros Pasha Pashkov and Daniella Karagach, check out their new program, Wedding Dance School! You can also check out their Youtube Channel for a FREE first dance tutorial

Choreographed First Dance DWTS Pasha Pashkov Daniella Karagach Wedding Dance School

A huge thank you to Pasha Pashkov and Daniella Karagach for allowing me to write this blog about their new wedding dance school! I cannot wait to capture couples who have taken part of it!

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