7 Fantastic Playgrounds in Winston-Salem, NC You Need to See!

Happy mom and dad sit on a large wooden swing with their twin sons between them

A great playground isn’t just a few swings and a slide; a great playground gives kids plenty to do and explore while also stimulating the imagination and encouraging adventure! They allow kids to burn off extra energy and stay active as they roam, climb, slide, swoop, and soar. A great playground provides a safe space for kids to take risks and just have fun. Winston Salem is home to some pretty awesome playgrounds that are perfect for a quick taste of fresh air or an afternoon picnic with lots to see and do. As a Winston-Salem family photographer, we are often asked about local places for kids to play. Check out some of our favorite playgrounds in Winston-Salem, NC, right here!

Plan A Fun Adventure Outside At These Great Playgrounds In Winston-Salem, NC

Granville Park Playground

Granville Park is a beautiful city park with a picnic shelter, restrooms, four lighted tennis courts, and of course, a fantastic playground! It’s a relatively new playground modeled after a castle that includes a three-story playground structure with a crow’s nest feature (perfect for spying from high above), multiple awnings to provide shade, two slides, and an awesome bridge that lets you walk from one end of the structure to the other. There’s also a mist tower to help playground enthusiasts keep cool on warm, sunny days!

Hanes Park Playground

Hanes Park Playground near downtown Winston-Salem features two epic playground structures. They have one for older kids and another for smaller children. The playground for older kids has two three-story enclosed slides for an exciting thrill, attached to a large climbing structure. While there aren’t shade structures over the equipment, there are several benches and a few picnic tables nearby in the shade to pause, refuel, and hydrate as needed. Littler visitors will love the toddler play structure and rocking toys. Additionally, there are plenty of swings for kids of all sizes!

A happy dad sits on a large wooden swing with twin boys on each side at one of the great Playgrounds In Winston Salem

Hathaway Park Playground

Hathaway Park is an awesome Winston-Salem, NC playground whose structure looks a little like something you’d find in a LEGO castle set. Nearby is a picnic shelter, restrooms, grills, and water fountains, making it the perfect option for either a quick visit or an entertaining picnic lunch. One of the biggest draws of Hathaway Park Playground is the Sprayground, a water playground with fixtures and fountains that spray water. Be sure to bring a bathing suit or a change of clothes, because, on a warm day, the Sprayground is absolutely irresistible!!

Leinbach Park Playground

Leinbach Park’s playground is something totally unique, and any Winston-Salem, NC pirate enthusiast or sailor will love exploring this fun playground! Okay, any kid will love it. The three-story play structure includes slides, bridges, fantastic swings, and some neat stepping stones that are great for practicing balance. And what’s a ship without a periscope, a captain’s wheel, and rope ladders? Leinbach Park also has a walking track, a big shelter, and accessible parking, making it great for any family who is looking to stay active and spend more time outdoors. Just note that when the bough and stern get wet after a good rainstorm, the play structure can get pretty slippery. Best let this one dry fully before setting sail!

Oak Summit Park Playground

Houston, we have lift-off!! Oak Summit Park’s playground is designed to represent a great big rocket ship and has lots of fun space and astronaut-themed features to keep kids entertained. The larger play area is mulched and has multiple swing sets in addition to the main rocket ship structure, as well as multiple slides. There’s also a separate smaller play space for kids who may not be ready to tackle the rock climbing walls, ladders, and stairs of the larger play area. With restrooms nearby, awnings and roofs for sun and rain protection, and a newly mulched ground that keeps shoes clean, it’s a great playground for active families to enjoy.

Twin brothers stand on a swing holding hands and smiling at each other while playing at Playgrounds In Winston Salem

Reynolds Park Playground

Reynolds Park and William Roscoe Anderson Jr Community Center is a Winston-Salem park with a playground, picnic shelter, community center, basketball courts, a public pool, and lots of other great community amenities. Their playground has two separate areas, one larger and one smaller, so there is something for kids of all sizes to enjoy. The smaller area features a one-story structure with lots of climbing opportunities, a swing set, rock-climbing walls, and a narrow slide.

The larger playground looks like something out of a contemporary construction dream, with bright orange equipment and lots of modern silhouettes. With 2-story racing slides, a merry-go-round, a spiral 3-story slide, a fun bouncing bridge, and so much more, it will keep active kids engaged for a good long time. Plus, there’s another Sprayground here, perfect for some watery fun!

Washington Park Dinosaur Playground

The epic nature of this playground is right there in the name. That’s right, this playground is crawling with DINOSAURS! While better suited for older children, younger children will still find plenty to explore and ways to stay active. The play structure itself has a huge rock-climbing structure with a two-story slide, smaller racing slides for smaller kids, monkey bars, and a fun leaf structure to climb. But the best part (without a doubt) is the lifelike dinosaurs spread around the playground, including a big T-Rex whose back you can climb on, a stegosaurus with a small toddler swing, and plenty of other big, scaly reptiles that will make any visit to this park a true adventure.

I Hope Your Family Loves Visiting These Exciting Playgrounds In Winston-Salem, NC

These awesome playgrounds in Winston-Salem, NC are great spots to let your kids unwind, explore, and just be kids! Try mixing up your routine and visiting a new playground the next time you and your little one need a little fresh air and activity.

Let’s chat if you’re looking for another way to create amazing memories with your little one! We are Winston-Salem newborn and family photographers. We know how quickly these years fly by, and we want to ensure you have a gorgeous way to hang onto them forever. We’d love to talk and tell you more about our style so you can decide if we’re a perfect match. Contact us today to find out more!

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