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Nobody knows your body better than you. You understand the history of every one of your scars. You know the different ways your fingers bend or your skin creases. So why does it feel like everybody else gets a say in your healthcare? From having your medical concerns dismissed to having your labor plan completely disregarded, it can be difficult to find healthcare that lets you take things into your own hands. If you’re tired of feeling like just another patient, I’d love to tell you about the Wake Forest Birthing Center through Atrium Health. This midwife-run center provides everything you could need, from comprehensive health visits to a cozy place for your delivery. 

About the Wake Forest Birthing Center

Medical Center Boulevard, Winston-Salem, NC 27157

More parents have been choosing out-of-hospital births in recent years, and honestly, it’s no surprise why. For so long, laboring parents have been met with a one-size-fits-all birth approach. This has led to higher intervention rates and more frequent negative birth experiences. While many parents have resorted to home births, others have found comfort in the birth center model. These centers provide a home-like environment where you can have natural labor using methods that work best for you. This route is fantastic because it puts you in a professional birth environment without having to worry about preparing your own house for your birth. 

The Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Birth Center takes the comfort of a birth center and pairs it with a hospital setting. This way, you’re still in charge of your labor, but you’re also already on the hospital campus, ensuring you’re never too far from emergency tools should you need them. 

Since opening, the birth center has become a favorite place for parents across the city. It’s been recognized by Newsweek as the Best Maternity Hospital in 2023. The center takes immense pride in providing quality care to both babies and parents. Their natural birth suites are gorgeous, with comfortable beds, large birth tubs, birthing balls, and Swedish bars. If you choose to have a traditional birth, you’ll be placed in a private suite. Both rooms have family areas with fold-out couches and comfy recliners. The birth center features private access and valet parking for laboring patients. Your guests can spend downtime in a lounge designed for comfort. You can take a virtual tour or schedule a tour in person. The center is located at 1 Medical Center Blvd in Winston-Salem. 

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The Wake Forest Birth Center’s mission is to get you fully prepared for the birth experience that works for you. You’ll start with regular prenatal appointments when you enter into their care. For those who choose to go the traditional route, you’ll work with an OB. You can choose a certified nurse midwife instead if you’re looking for a more natural, personalized approach. With a midwife, you’ll create a birth plan completely tailored to your needs, and once it’s time for labor, they’ll make sure it’s honored as much as possible. 

Regardless of what you choose, you’ll have unlimited access to your provider every step of the way. They’ll complete your lab work and your ultrasounds within the practice. You’ll be able to bring up any concerns and know you’re receiving expert answers. The center has a fantastic team of maternal-fetal care specialists to provide additional assistance for high-risk pregnancies. 

Wake Forest Birthing Center Classes

As you approach your due date, you’ll begin physically and mentally preparing for your delivery. The center offers many resources that let you enter into labor confidently. You can sign up for their labor and delivery classes in the third trimester. These classes are taught by nurses and cover pretty much everything you need to know for birth. You’ll learn how to know you’re in labor, what the different stages look like, and how to use natural relaxation methods to manage pain. 

The courses cover nearly every form of birth to ensure you have a thorough education, no matter your chosen method. These classes include a tour of the birthing center. If you can’t attend in-person classes, you can check out their virtual options instead. Their online courses are self-paced and allow you to enjoy them anywhere. This is an exceptionally great option for people on bed rest or having children at home. 

The center provides multiple courses for specific birthing methods. Parents planning for a C-section will learn how to prepare for the procedure. Those who prefer a natural birth will learn how to feel empowered throughout their delivery. The center also has a course for preparing for multiples. 

A new mom sits on a couch smiling while holding her newborn baby in a black polka dot dress thanks to Wake Forest Birthing Center


The birthing center provides exceptional postpartum care. The recovery suites feature flat-screen televisions, family areas with pull-out couches, and comfortable beds. Babies who need extra attention will have access to the NICU. The center has 51 beds and 2 rooms for twins. 

Your care doesn’t stop once you go home. The center provides a service called Mother’s Nursing Nook that provides you with breastfeeding assistance. Whether you’re looking for the best head start in your nursing journey or are dealing with common breastfeeding issues, this service has you covered. Beyond offering lactation consultants, the service provides various products, including storage bags, lanolin, and breast pumps. 

If you need a little extra guidance for your infant, check out their newborn care classes. These courses will teach you everything, including diapering, swaddling, feeding, safe sleep, and much more. You can also opt for safety courses such as first aid and infant CPR. 

You Will Love the Experience of Your Birth With Wake Forest Birthing Center

Wake Forest Birthing Center is here to make sure you can have the labor you want. From their informative courses to their cozy birthing suites, the center is the perfect place to start your parenthood journey. 

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