New Moms Are Choosing Precious Arrows for Motherhood Needs!

A pregnant woman stands on a brick path in a rose garden while holding the top and bottom of her bump

When it comes to being a new mom, one of your main concerns is probably going to be making sure you are as prepared as possible for the arrival of your little one. After all, there are many things to keep track of to make this new transition easier! Luckily, I have a business I would like to share that can help set you up for success: Precious Arrows!

About Precious Arrows

Precious Arrows is a woman-owned business with 20 years of experience serving mothers and midwives in the community and nationwide. Owner, Kelley O’Briant, worked as a midwife’s assistant and childbirth doula for 3 and 12 years, respectively. After her study, Kelley became a midwife herself and believed every new momma deserved to feel set for success. Additionally, she has made sure to offer the lowest prices in the market as a way to better serve moms-t0-be!

A mom to be in a black maternity gown sits on a rock in the woods while looking down at her bump Precious Arrrows


Precious Arrows offers a variety of different products and all of the tools you will need for motherhood. With the best customer service in town, you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Here, you can find everything from home birth kits to Waterbirth supplies, midwifery and medical supplies to baby supplies. Some of the other products offered include:

  • Bulk Herbs
  • Teas
  • Essential Oils
  • Homeopathics
  • Breastfeeding Supplies
  • Diagnostics
  • Home Health
  • Gifts
  • & More!

A pregnant woman stands on a brick path in a rose garden while holding the top and bottom of her bump Precious Arrrows


Precious Arrows is unlike any other store. With an array of supplies and at an affordable cost, you can find just about everything you will need to be prepared for your baby’s arrival. One of the things I love about this business is the specialty kits. Each kit has everything necessary for that specific type of birth or need. A Basic Birth Kit includes a birth certificate, gloves, mesh panties, and soothing bath supplies. Other, more extensive options offered here include:

  • Deluxe Birth Kits
  • Water Birth Kits
  • Emergency Birth Kits
  • Postpartum Kit
  • & Custom Birth Kits

These kits come with other birthing necessities, including mattress covers, pool liners, aprons, drop cloths, floor covers, pumps, and even newborn baby hats. While searching through the kits, make sure to read all of the necessities included in the bundle. Each one is unique and can cater to your personal needs!

Precious Arrows

Having the right supplies will set you up for success when it comes to motherhood and all things birth and baby. Whether you are prepping for an at-home birth or just want to prep for baby’s arrival, Precious Arrows has it all.

Since you happen to be in search of baby and birth supplies, and I happen to be a maternity and family photographer, I’d love to assist you with all of your family photography needs. I love to make every session different from the last and completely personal! Contact me today to get the conversation started!