Shop Science Safari For Your Explorative Little One in Cary, NC!

Twin boys sit in a crib with their sleeping newborn baby cousin Science Safari

Do you have an explorative little one who’s curious about the outside world? As your child grows, they are going to begin to navigate their own environments – that includes science and technology alike! At Science Safari, you and your child can explore together! Read on to find out more about this awesome local toy shop.

About Science Safari

Owned by Sean and Siobhan O’Neal, Science Safari is a local toy store that is dedicated to exposing your little one to all things science and technology! Located in Cary, North Carolina, this shop welcomes kids of all ages to take advantage of various toys, activities, and events. When it comes to all things science and outdoor education, this shop has it all!

A new father holds his son in his arms in front of a window while mom looks over his shoulder Science Safari


Unlike your typical toy stores, Science Safari is dedicated to providing your child with fun educational experiences and products. Providing the community with high-quality toys for your growing child, there is something for everyone. Here, your child will be encouraged to explore like never before. You will also find products that are much different from what you will find anywhere else. Some of the products offered include:

  • Science experiments
  • Building kits
  • Robotics
  • Outer space items
  • Microscopes
  • Biology learning kits
  • Dinosaur and animal models
  • Chemistry kits
  • Nature exploration tools
  • Word games
  • Math puzzles
  • Card games
  • Family games
  • Magic kits
  • Rocks and minerals
  • Archaeology kits
  • & more!

Additionally, you can find a section in the store dedicated to children and babies under three years old.

One thing I would also like to note is there is no form of online shopping. Since this local shop believes in building community, it is encouraged to get out and visit the shop with your little one. You can also call over the phone if you need assistance.

Science Classes

The Science Safari classes are able to expand the science world for students. Your child can take advantage of various hands-on activities from preschool to fifth grade. Here, classes are able to cultivate an understanding of nature and science, and in a fun way too! Additionally, classes are very small. This is designed so that each student gets specialized time and a more intense learning tool. Projects and activities give each student more opportunities to explore.

Moreover, as your child ages through the courses, they will likely move up with the same group of children they started with. This creates a familiar environment and an opportunity for your child to make lasting friendships and memories!

Science Safari

While your child is exploring and learning about the world around them, you can join in on the fun by visiting Science Safari. With so many fun and unique toys and experiences, you really can’t go wrong!

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