Experience a Safe and Memorable Birth at REX Birthing Center

A mother to be in a long black maternity gown smiles downa t her bump in front of large ornate wooden doors after visiting REX Birthing Center

If you happen to be familiar with the REX Healthcare Network in Raleigh, then you may be familiar with the renowned REX Birthing Center. If not, let me introduce you to why growing families love this center! With a steadfast commitment to providing exceptional maternity care, the center offers various services. In addition, the amenities provided are designed to support women throughout their childbirth journey!

About REX Birthing Center

REX Birthing Center is a private, not-for-profit practice for expectant mothers seeking exceptional maternity care in a supportive and nurturing environment. The staff is also committed to providing personalized care, state-of-the-art facilities, and comprehensive services to ensure a safe and memorable birthing experience for every mother and her family. With a team of healthcare professionals and a focus on family-centered care, the center empowers parents and supports them.

A mother to be in a long black maternity gown stands by a historical building with a hand on her bump


Moreover, the REX Birthing Center offers a range of childbirth education classes and support services to empower expectant parents. From prenatal yoga and childbirth preparation classes to lactation consulting and newborn care education, the center provides comprehensive resources to help families confidently navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood.

In addition to its commitment to clinical excellence, the REX Birthing Center prioritizes family-centered care. It is recognized that involving loved ones in the birthing process is critical to a healthy pregnancy. The staff encourages partners, family members, and support persons to participate in the birthing experience, providing emotional support and companionship to mothers throughout labor and delivery.


As you prepare to give birth to your new little one, nothing is more comforting than feeling at home! That is why the center is committed to making you feel at ease with its new and enhanced birthing suites. Here, you will find convertible sleep chairs, rocking chairs, private baths, showers, television, Wi-Fi, birthing balls, fetal monitors, and more!

A mother to be smiles up to the sky while holding her bump and standing in front of large wooden doors of a church after visiting REX Birthing Center

High-Risk Pregnancies

Furthermore, the REX Birthing Center staff handles a range of birthing scenarios, including high-risk pregnancies and multiple births. With access to advanced medical technology and a team of skilled healthcare providers, the center is prepared to address any complications you may experience. 

Additionally, the birthing center allows you to participate fully in decision-making regarding your birth experience. This allows you to make the choices that best suit your needs as you prepare to deliver your little one!

Consider REX Birthing Center for Your Pregnancy Journey

REX Birthing Center is a wonderful place to consider when starting your pregnancy journey. While offering expectant mothers support and care, you will also find the most compassionate team. Expert staff and practitioners are committed to providing you and your family exceptional care and support to women throughout their childbirth journey!

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