De-Stress And Unwind With A Day At Urbana Spa Charlotte NC

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There are so many reasons you should book an appointment and visit the spa! From relaxation and stress management to detoxing your body, there is a plethora of benefits to giving yourself a relaxing day. Did you know that there is a place right in your backyard that can assist you with all of your spa needs? If you didn’t already know about it, you should definitely check out Urbana Spa Charlotte, NC!

About Urbana Spa Charlotte NC

Located in the Carmel area of Charlotte, North Carolina, you can find Urbana Spa in the heart of it all. Carmel is considered one of the best places to live in Charlotte because of its abundance of restaurants, coffee shops, and stunning parks. This makes it the perfect place for you to visit for a little TLC day!

Urbana is an award-winning spa that focuses on giving you the best treatments there is to offer in the area. You can book a day and experience the healing, stress relief, wellness, and balance Urbana has in store for you while using the most modern and advanced treatments. Urbana specializes in a variety of massages and treatments. Each specialist is educated and comes with the best experiences in tow.

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With a commitment to the individual experience of relaxation, each appointment is personalized to your specific needs. By building deep and long-lasting relationships with each guest, there is a profound sense of detail involved. This gives each guest an experience that will feel personal to them and provide a unique treatment plan.

Additionally, there are many options to choose from when booking your day at the spa. An example of this includes options for skincare, mani-pedis, sauna usage, and even massages. Some other treatments include:

  • De-stress manicure
  • Renewal manicures
  • Signature treatments
  • Massages for two
  • Body treatments
  • Facials
  • Lashes
  • Hydraderm
  • Mircoderm
  • Waxing and tinting
  • Peels
  • & more!

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In addition to the awesome treatments offered, so many things set Urbana Spa Charlotte, NC, from the rest. For instance, Urbana offers an awesome premier spa membership package. With this package, you will receive 10% off of all retail products and priority booking for special events. Additionally, Club Urbana gives you flexibility with no sign-up fees. You can choose from individual or shared family memberships depending on your needs.

Moreover, Urbana Spa is home to the Tea Lounge. For all of the tea drinkers out there, the spa carries a menu of teas that includes only loose leaves from all over the world. Additionally, the teas are imported from all over, and each day there is a selection of those teas available! With all of the health benefits offered by tea drinking, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Tea Lounge!

Urbana Spa Charlotte NC

From massages to facials and even body detoxes, Urbana Spa Charlotte, NC, can help you glow from the inside out. If you are in search of an awesome place to book your spa day, you should absolutely check out this location!

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