Fields of Colorful Flowers at Dogwood Farms in Belews Creek, NC!

A mother and father stand in a field of sunflowers at Dogwood Farms while their toddler daughter sits on mom's hip

It isn’t often that you get to see rolling fields of flowers, blankets of color stretching as far as the eye can see. At Dogwood Farms in Belews Creek, fields of flowers are what they do best. Whether it’s bright red poppies, heavenly purple larkspur, cheerful yellow sunflowers, or a rainbow of zinnias and cosmos, their crops are breathtakingly beautiful, especially when you enjoy them against the backdrop of a North Carolina sunset. 

Dogwood Farms’ flowers are also the perfect backdrop for gorgeous maternity and family photoshoots. In the prime of blooming, flowers embody the joy and beauty of life at its peak. Full of joy, grace, and confidence. We’ll capture the same effortless beauty in your pictures, surrounded by color. So we can capture you and your family in a similar phase of happiness. 

Let me tell you all about why Dogwood Farms could be the perfect place for your photoshoot with us! 

A pregnant mom and dad lead their toddler daughter in a white dress through a field of sunflowers at Dogwood Farms A mom and dad smile down at their smiling daughter while standing in a field of sunflowers

About Dogwood Farms

Dogwood Farms is a sweet family-owned and operated business. Owner Chris purchased the property back in 2003, and for the last 20 years, he has painstakingly poured blood, sweat, tears, and so much love into the acres of land that make up the farm. Assisted by his son Cole, Chris began planting flowers a few years ago. Eventually, he realized that they were just too beautiful to keep to himself. So, he started opening up the farm to the community and inviting visitors to come take in the views, too. There isn’t anything fancy or formal about Dogwood Farms. But it is a wonderful place to gather and an incredible spot for unforgettable photos!

A pregnant mother sits on a picnic blanket with her toddler daughter in her lap and husband at her side in a field of sunflowers A pregnant mom holding her sonograms hugs her smiling toddler daughter while standing in a field of sunflowers at Dogwood Farms

Flower Variety

Dogwood Farms is known for its vast fields of flowers, and rolling hills blanketed in bright, colorful blossoms that rotate throughout the seasons. The flowers we’ll use in your unique photoshoot depend on the time of year you book. So, if you have your heart set on a certain variety, be sure to mention it so we can schedule accordingly! 

The first crop to bloom is poppies, which are usually a bold and vibrant scarlet that is like the ultimate red carpet. At sunset, the golden light bounces off of the poppies, and they glow like rubies in a bed of green. Depending on the year, Dogwood Farms mixes up the poppy colors, too! They add in some bright pinks and pops of white. Sometimes, the poppy fields blend with tall, violet larkspur in a variety of hues, from pale lavender to royal purple. 

A pregnant mother holds her daughter on her hip while showing her sonogram images with dad while standing in a sunflower farm A dad laughs and plays with his toddler daughter in a whtie dress in a field of sunflowers

Summer and Fall

As spring fades into summer, the most popular Dogwood Farms attraction begins to bloom: the sunflowers. These bright, happy blooms typically arrive in July and then again a little later in the fall. There is something about a big, yellow sunflower that just shouts “Summer!!” and standing in a field of them is effortlessly romantic. In the fall, in addition to the classic yellow sunflowers, Dogwood Farms also grows some in beautiful autumn colors with rich maroons and orange petals. 

In the fall, Dogwood Farms also has fields of zinnias and cosmos, bright flowers in rich gem-tone colors, and lots of tiny delicate petals. They have lots of personality and are great for colorful photoshoots at the peak of the season. 

Of course, in addition to being an incredible place for maternity and family photoshoots, Dogwood Farms also sells their flowers. Prices depend on the kind of flower you’re picking, but they’re an affordable way to bring a little of the farm’s beauty into your home and support a local farming family while doing so! 

A pregnant mother stands in a field of flowers on a farm with her husband holding their toddler daughter on her hip A toddler explores a field of red flowers while holding her father's finger Dogwood Farms A toddler girl in a white dress sits on her pregnant mom's bump while dad leans in to play with them while standing in a field of flowers


While the farm’s focus is flowers, they also grow and sell a small number of other crops, including pumpkins! Typically, in October, you’ll find their big, beautiful pumpkins available for sale, along with the sunflowers, cosmos, and zinnias. Bring the family and enjoy an entertaining wagon ride around the farms! There are often food vendors, too, so you can grab a bite to eat just in time to sit back and watch the sunset over the fields. It’s the perfect way to spend an autumn afternoon or evening. 

A dad lifts his toddler daughter high above his head while playing in a field of red flowers at Dogwood Farms A pregnant mother holds her bump while smiling down at her husband flipping and playing with their toddler daughter in a field of flowers at Dogwood Farms

Check Out Dogwood Farms and Let Us Know What You Think!

The love and hard work poured into Dogwood Farms’ flowers, pumpkins, and other crops is evident in every flower that blooms on their property. We are lucky that the family behind Dogwood Farms is willing to share their beautiful work with our community, and it’s a gift to be able to showcase their flowers in photos that will be treasured by families forever. 

If you’re interested in a floral photoshoot at Dogwood Farms, let’s talk! We’ll find the perfect time to book so we can make sure to feature your favorite flower in every shot. 

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