Why Moms-To-Be Love What The Bump in Charlotte, NC!

A mom to be stands on the edge of a forest in a black off-the-shoulder maternity gown holding her bump

As a new mom, there is probably going to be a lot to keep in mind while going through your pregnancy journey. After all, your body is going to be undergoing a lot of changes if it hasn’t already. Therefore, having someone there to keep everything in check can really rid a bulk of the worry. For the best and most stressful-free pregnancy and birth process, you may be thinking about utilizing a doula. Luckily, I have just the place for you to check out: What The Bump! 

About What The Bump

As a former bedside L&D nurse, Jenne craved long-term connections with the families she served. Nowadays, most mommas want pregnancy journeys and births with less intervention. So, Jenn set out to open her own doula services that focused on a process without strict policies or rules. Additionally, around-the-clock care offers mothers a sense of ease when it comes to any questions or concerns. With the power to make your own choices every step of the way, Jenn educates, supports, and empowers you to achieve the birth you desire.

A mother to be stands in a forest in a black maternity gown holding her bump while her train flows in the wind around her What the Bump

Services Offered

What The Bump said it best, “every mama deserves to have an informed pregnancy…” and that shows in every step taken. Each woman taking advantage of doula services should be able to make their own decisions. Because of this mantra, What The Bump will guide you through any questions or concerns.

What The Bump is an evidence-based doula. Here, you will be cared for by registered nurses who are fully vaccinated and have a plethora of credentials. Each nurse is educated on spinning babies, breeched basics, shoulder dystocia resolution, lactation assistance, and so much more. When you book with What The Bump, you will receive the following:

  • A free initial Facetime consultation
  • 24/7 support
  • Monthly educational Zoom calls
  • Two comprehensive prenatal visits
  • Birth vision creation
  • Continuous birth support
  • C-section birth support
  • Amateur photography and videography of your labor and birth
  • Postpartum support
  • One at-home postpartum visit
  • & pregnancy guides by trimester

Additionally, you can opt for a virtual option. This includes a scheduled one-time phone or video call and can include a variety of topics, including birth plans, comfort measures, and induction methods.

A mom to be in a black maternity gown stands in a forest looking down at her bump What the Bump


Something I really love about What The Bump is their dedication to research. This doula is wonderful at educating families on all fronts of the pregnancy and birth process. From start to finish, you will learn so much about your body and your baby.

To boot, the team at this doula hosts a podcast where moms just like you can tune in to educate themselves more on the birthing process!

What The Bump

As a mom-to-be, you can have the most stress-free pregnancy when you utilize a doula. Luckily, What The Bump, located just in your backyard, is a wonderful option!

As a family and maternity photographer, I love capturing all of the little moments shared. If you happen to be in search of a photographer, I would love to assist you! Contact me today to get the conversation started.

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