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Pregnancy is full of so many major decisions. You spend months picking out names, deciding on nursery themes, and researching different strollers. And while these choices are all important, the most crucial thing you’ll decide on during this time is your baby’s pediatrician. You’re picking someone who will potentially be in your life for the next few decades. Plus, you need to be able to trust them with your baby’s health while also feeling comfortable enough to ask questions, no matter how small. It can be a ton to consider! Thankfully, Winston Salem Pediatrics is here to make the choice a little easier. Not only is this center conveniently located for families all across the city, but it’s also staffed by some of the best minds in the medical field today. You’ll feel confident knowing your child is getting the best treatment from the very first week of their life. 

About Winston Salem Pediatrics

Winston Salem Pediatrics is an independent office that prides itself on being patient-centered. The office was first established by Dr. Jerry Bennett in 1970, making it the oldest independent pediatrician office in the area. They moved a few times before settling into its current location in 2000. The office was sold in 2005. But because its reputation was so established, the new owners kept the old name and the same great mission: To offer unparalleled healthcare to every family.

The office is operated by pediatricians who are parents themselves. They understand how daunting managing your child’s health can be, and they’re here to make it easier. Additionally, they do their best to honor the trust you’ve placed in them. They provide quality care to every patient and work to build a relationship with each family. Your doctor will take the time to relate to you and your child so all the awkwardness fades away and everyone feels comfortable. 

Winston-Salem Pediatrics is located in Ardmore, right off Maplewood Avenue. They accept patients from infancy all the way up to the college years. You’ll be able to choose from four different providers for your child’s primary care. The office also contains experts, including lactation consultants, RNs, and pediatric nurse practitioners. 

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At Winston Salem Pediatrics, their first priority is preventative care. They understand the best way to be healthy is to establish good habits, including regular check-ups. The office will use these appointments to monitor your child’s growth, mark developmental milestones, and offer immunizations in accordance with the schedule from the American Academy of Pediatrics. At the beginning of the appointment, you’ll ensure your child’s information is up to date before your doctor takes your child’s vitals and asks you questions regarding development. They’ll also provide dental healthcare, including fluoride treatments starting at 6 months. 

The office is incredible at scheduling sick visits for when your child is under the weather and needs to be seen quickly. The doctors are flexible and can schedule both in-person and telehealth appointments. If you’re unsure whether or not your child needs to be seen, you can call the nurse’s line and get advice on what to do. This line is available both during and after office hours, giving you the assistance you need at any time. 

The office provides exceptional care for a variety of specialties. They offer ADHD management for regular patients. The staff contains an asthma specialist who can provide Spirometry Testing in-office before giving you a management plan. The office will provide nutritional guidance, perform school physicals, and complete screenings for families wanting to adopt internationally. They also work carefully with outside specialists for chronic disease treatment and management. 

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One of the best things about Winston Salem Pediatrics is how easy they make it to take care of business outside of the office. They utilize Patient Portal so you can schedule appointments and pay bills online. This service also makes it a breeze to view your child’s medical records and test results. They have all their forms available on their website, giving you the opportunity to download them ahead of time and have them completed once it’s time for your child’s appointment. On top of this, they have informative handouts that you can download to make sure you have the best guidance on helping your child grow. 

Winston Salem Pediatrics

Finding a pediatrician for your little one can be intimidating, but Winston Salem Pediatrics makes the decision a little easier. With a convenient location staffed by experts, you’ll always have the best care for your little one. 

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