My Experience With Kyle Goldie, a Photography Business Coach!

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Have you been stuck in a rut when it comes to your photography business? Is business super slow? Are you burning yourself out with multiple sessions or weddings at a low price point? Are you struggling to get qualified leads? Well, you’re not alone. And I was at that point, too, back in 2020 before I hired a photography business coach in January 2021. From working with Kyle Goldie, I went from grossing $20k per year to grossing about $200k in about a year and a half. If you’re ready to make the change in your business, keep reading to learn more about his coaching and how I did it. 

While I do earn a commission on sales via my affiliate link in this blog post, this is an unbiased and completely honest review. I would never promote anything I didn’t fully believe in. I am a maternity, newborn, and graduation photographer from Orlando, FL, and I just moved my business to Winston-Salem, NC. 

My Background Before Hiring a Photography Business Coach

Let’s start with a little background of my photography business before working with a photography business coach. I have had my business since 2010. Clients were booking, but at a super low price point, and I was overwhelmed and overworked for years. I had just invested $4k in a new website and brand that wasn’t converting as well as I wanted. It would take weeks to book people sometimes, and there was way too much time and energy put into trying to book people.

As an SEO newbie who knew nothing, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and just needed someone to put me on the right path. I had heard about Kyle in all of the photography Facebook groups I’m in (I know you’re probably in them, too), but the price point scared the crap out of me. He also scared the crap out of me with his no-bullshit attitude. But I needed that. I wasn’t getting anywhere with gentle hand-holding. It’s not my personality, and it wouldn’t make me work hard. 

I decided to do a free discovery call with Kyle. He reviewed where I was with my business, my current website, my portfolio, and more. Within that 30-minute call with him, I learned so much about what wasn’t working. I knew hiring Kyle as my photography business coach was the next step I needed to take despite the cost. 

photography business coach

Kyle Goldie’s Mastermind Program

Okay, let’s jump into the coaching program. When I first started working with Kyle in the 90-day coaching program in January 2021, he started with a 1:1 call to see where my business was and what I could improve on. He created a Google sheet with me to show my goals and the steps for the 90 days. I thought I was doing really well with my brand-new website and bookings, but after having that call with him, I realized I could be doing so much more.

He went through my website on that call as well and pointed out such small things to me that make a massive difference in the eyes of a client. I immediately implemented some of the changes from the roadmap call and received more inquiries that week. In his newly updated program, he has a tool called the 10,000ft View List, which literally gives step-by-step instructions for going through his entire program—a total game changer.

Seeing Success with a Photography Business Coach

As I mentioned, before starting the program, I grossed maybe $20k each year. Within the first 90 days of being in the coaching program, my bookings had surpassed my entire 2020 income. I had $3000 on the books for 2021 when I started, and I had over $20k in that first 90 days. By the end of the year, I grossed $85k and was completely booked. By the end of 2022, we grossed $190k and gained a second income stream with Kyle’s help (photography vs the second stream was 70/30 last year). At the end of 2023, we grossed over $250k and netted over $100k. He helped me to feel confident in my pricing increase, tested different strategies with me, and got me booking $1000+ PORTRAIT clients weekly. 

I literally book all of my clients through email alone, most within 24 hours of inquiring (some within 20 minutes, thanks to his email guidance)! I am only being found organically through Google, Social Media, and referrals. Kyle worked hard with me on my initial inquiry response and got my pricing guide perfect for making sure leads trusted me from the start. I’ve had some of the best (and high-paying) clients over the past two years!

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SEO Keyword Research

As a photography business coach, Kyle provides SEO keyword research to his coaching clients for your specific area. Using this research, I’ve optimized my website and blog for proper keywords that bring traffic to my site. Blogging plays a huge role in SEO, and after blogging 200-300 of these keywords and setting up my SEO on my website properly, I’ve been booked solid. Blogging after moving to my new city has pushed me to page one of Google for each of my main keywords. I also offer SEO blogging services based on Kyle’s teaching for Mastermind members. 

Coaching Calls with Kyle Goldie, a Photography Business Coach

The 90-day program also includes 3 group coaching calls per week. This is where you can ask any and all questions that are on your mind and listen to others ask/get feedback as well! They are not required to attend, but they are super helpful. He provides them at 3 different times during the week to benefit everyone. Even after 3 years, I still hop on as many as possible! These calls are one of the most beneficial parts of the program for me as you get extra 1:1 support, as well as getting knowledge on subjects you may never have thought about.

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How Kyle is Different From Other Educators

Most of all, Kyle is an amazing support system. He really only wants you to succeed and help. He puts so much time and effort into this coaching program. His no-fluff approach is so helpful and pushes you to be your best. As someone with extreme anxiety, having a support system like Kyle on my side while navigating this business journey has been a true blessing. I can’t tell you how often he’s solved a “crisis” for me. He is also super helpful outside of the photography world, helping find other passive income sources! Once you get to know him better, you’ll also get his funny, sarcastic side (which is why we are a perfect team). I am honored to not only call him my photography business coach but my friend as well.

Check Out Kyle Goldie’s Mastermind Program

Honestly, I was super nervous about signing up at first. But after that discovery call, I took the leap, and it has so paid off. Kyle has helped me to become debt-free and provide for my family. His help allowed us to buy our first home. He truly cares about helping his people and wants them to succeed. He’ll do everything he possibly can to do so. While I could go on and on about how awesome Kyle is and how much I appreciate what he’s done for me, I can guarantee you’d get bored. 

So, if you are on the fence about this program and want to chat more or ask questions, feel free to reach out. I’m an open book. But right now, check out Kyle Goldie’s Mastermind to get your business back on track. Sign up for that discovery call. Just talk with him and see how a photography business coach can change your life.