Early Education at Brookhaven Country Day School in Greensboro!

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You do everything you can to make sure your child has the very best. Whether you’re taking time to prepare healthy meals or reading the same story over and over, you’re constantly working to help your child grow. This constant diligence can quickly make the choice of a daycare feel pretty overwhelming. It’s hard to leave your child somewhere new, and you want to ensure you’re picking a place where your child can thrive! Luckily, Brookhaven Country Day School makes this decision much easier. With a passionate staff and a thoughtful environment, your child will have the time of their lives learning and growing. 

About Brookhaven Country Day School

Brookhaven Country Day School is a private daycare in Greensboro, North Carolina. While the daycare is faith-based, they do not discriminate based on religion. The school’s mission is to make sure every child will enter kindergarten both socially and academically prepared. They work to make the space family-centered and community-focused. You’ll be invited to watch performances put together by your child’s class so you can have a front-row seat to their progress. 

The school understands that their primary goal is to nurture kids. Each lesson remains rooted in fun and taught without any pressure. The teachers prioritize playing and building friendships. They understand that kids learn best when they’re able to explore for themselves and have built an environment that will foster this. By the time your child is ready to graduate into elementary school, they’ll be ready for a smooth transition! 

The school features tons of amazing amenities, such as computer labs and play areas. Your child will have access to open fields and playgrounds during their recess times. The facility has cameras as well as a tight security system, so your little one will always be safe. Their location in Laurel Park, just off 220, makes it a convenient stop on your way to and from work.  

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Brookhaven Country Day School provides age-appropriate spaces where your child will learn and play alongside their peers. Their classes start from infancy. Children below the age of 2 enjoy in different themed rooms with engaging toys and attentive teachers. The infant room comes stocked with new furniture, while their playground features a synthetic surface where your child can safely explore. The babies and toddlers create art, sing songs, and get lots of time to interact with the world around them. 

Starting at age 2, each child separates into their own room, where they’ll have a regular curriculum geared toward preparing them for school. Two-year-olds will learn their alphabet, recite days of the week, start to count, and recognize shapes. Three-year-olds will build upon these skills while also working on writing their names, learning to work computers, and practicing basic Spanish. In the next year, they’ll start preparing for kindergarten. They’ll begin to learn sight words, navigate computer software, continue to work on Spanish skills, and write both uppercase and lowercase letters. By the time they enter elementary school, you can count on them feeling fully confident in their knowledge. 

On top of these learning goals, every day, your child enjoys exciting, hands-on activities. They’ll use magnifying glasses, learn from puppets, sing fun songs, and play with test tubes. Whether you have a little scientist or a budding artist, they’ll be able to find the activity that’s right for them. These topics combine with plenty of outdoor time across four different play areas. Your child can prioritize play while still gaining a thorough education. 

A young boy in a yellow shirt holds his newborn baby sibling while his brother and sister lean in brookhaven country day school


While the school became known for their preschool, they offer an all-day kindergarten to ease the transition into elementary school. During this time, they’ll work on counting all the way up to 100, learn to write paragraphs, sequence pictures, and begin to read on a first-grade level. Your child will get to build up rewarding friendships while getting ready to ace elementary school. Kids who attend Brookhaven Country Day School are known for both their academic and social intelligence once they enter advanced grades.

Brookhaven Country Day School

The choice of daycare can be tough, but Brookhaven Country Day School is here to make it simple. Their passionate teachers and engaging lessons will keep your kid entertained while also providing them with a fantastic education

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