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Let’s be honest. Kids don’t always make the best decisions. Science can teach us all about how they grow, but it can’t tell us why our children feel the need to swing from every single curtain like they’re Tarzan. This is why one of the best ways to retain your sanity as a parent is to keep a quality pediatrician (and a drywall repairman) on hand. Not only will they be able to make sure your child is healthy and thriving, but they can also provide solid answers when you’re once again treating your child’s noggin with a bag of frozen peas. If you’ve been searching for the best children’s doctors around, I would love to tell you all about Robinhood Pediatrics in Winston-Salem. This amazing center is filled with experts ready to help you tackle every emergency. 

About Robinhood Pediatrics in Winston-Salem

Robinhood Pediatrics is a children’s center developed under Novant Health. Novant is a non-profit healthcare system that spans across North and South Carolina as well as Virginia. The network is vast, with over a dozen hospitals and medical centers, 550 doctor-led clinics, and numerous specialty care centers. Over 2,500 providers proudly serve the network, taking care of nearly 4 million residents throughout the area. When you become a member of the Novant Health team, you can count on exceptional care from a number of expert providers. 

Robinhood Pediatrics has nine pediatricians on staff as well as a few specialists. With so many doctors at your fingertips, you are guaranteed to find the provider that works best with your family. Each pediatrician is passionate about their career and takes the time to treat every patient like they’re a member of their own family. This compassionate care will take all the anxiety out of appointments and ensure your child can get the help they need. The center is located off Whitaker Ridge Dr. Northwest near Mt. Tabor. 

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Robinhood Pediatrics understands that the best approach to staying healthy is through preventative healthcare. From the very first few days of life, they’ll schedule regular appointments. During these well-visits, your doctor will take your child’s vitals, look at their growth since the last visit, and ask questions regarding their development. They will also provide vaccines and complete a physical exam. These appointments are the perfect opportunity to go over any concerns and ensure you feel empowered to take on your child’s healthcare. 

The office is incredibly flexible when it comes to scheduling injury or sick visits. You’ll be able to call the office and schedule an appointment for the same day. The office follows the standard triage protocol and will see the sickest patients first. They encourage you to call ahead of time. So you can be sure to get an appointment as soon as possible. They provide limited weekend hours to treat sickness or injury. And because fevers don’t always abide by standard office hours, the center provides a 24/7 nurse’s line. You’ll be able to talk to an expert and find out the best course of treatment for your sick kiddo. 

The office provides a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor to make sure you have help for every aspect of your child’s health. Because Robinhood Pediatrics works within such a large network, they’ll be able to connect you with the best experts if your child needs specialty care. 

A newborn baby girl sleeps in her mom's lap while mom and dad look down on her sitting on a couch robinhood pediatrics winston salem


One of the best things about Robinhood Pediatrics Winston-Salem is how much they strive to be an office that will grow with your child. They understand that your adolescent doesn’t want the same treatment as little kids. So they do a stellar job giving teenagers the appropriate care. The office provides a separate waiting room as well as individual exam rooms for teenagers. The doctors have created a special teenager program to treat your child in a way that helps them feel understood. Robinhood is the only pediatric office in all of Winston-Salem to use this technique. This unique approach ensures your teenager can have the attention they need without having to deal with the angst of navigating the sea of toddlers to receive it. 

Robinhood Pediatrics utilizes MyChart for their office. This convenient online program makes it a breeze to book appointments, view medical records, and pay bills. All without ever leaving the couch. 

Robinhood Pediatrics Winston-Salem

If you’ve been looking for the right doctor for your adventurous family, you should consider Robinhood Pediatrics in Winston-Salem. This one-of-a-kind center provides outstanding experts for every stage of childhood. 

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