Kids Can Burn Off Their Energy at Safari Nation Winston-Salem!

A mother stands in a field of tall golden grass at sunset while holding her young toddler daughter

If you’re a parent, you’re well aware of the amount of energy your child has on any given day. In fact, you don’t have to be a parent. You can be a grandparent, an aunt, a family friend, or even just minding your own business as you grocery shop and watch a kid bounce off the shelves in the aisles. It’s practically enviable! Luckily, we have Safari Nation in Winston-Salem to give our kids the opportunity to burn off some of that valuable energy. Let their climbing equipment and other entertainment attractions absorb it rather than your furniture. Read on to find out a little more about what makes them well worth a visit, if not a VIP membership! 

About Safari Nation in Winston-Salem

Safari Nation is a Family Entertainment Center, aka a Children’s Fitness Center. It was founded in 2012 by a married couple who saw a need for a place where their own kids could safely play and get rid of pent-up energy. It turns out they weren’t the only ones thinking the same thing, and Safari Nation quickly became the place to bring children to bounce, run, climb, and explore, giving parents a place to sit back and relax while their kids play. 

Plus, while your kid thinks they are just playing and having fun, you’ll know that they’re staying active and burning calories while laughing and socializing with others. A trip to Safari Nation is a welcome distraction from screens and sitting sedentary, and you can pretty much guarantee everyone will have a good night’s sleep at the end of a day full of active play. 

A mother and father hold and tickle their toddler daughter while standing in a field of tall grass safari nation winston salem

The Excitement

Safari Nation has a variety of attractions and equipment for kids to experience, and with so many opportunities to play and grow. There is something for every child to enjoy. 

One of their most popular attractions is definitely their bumper cars. Kids over 5 can drive their own car. Meanwhile, younger kids can join their parents in a bumper car to experience the fun. Let go of frustrations as you aim to knock into the other drivers’ cars. Then whirl around driving like a champion. There will be plenty of squeals – from tires and giggles – in this fun battle of bumpers! (It’s worth noting that while the price is minimal, it is an additional fee to give the bumper cars a whirl.) 

Another popular attraction is the Big Baller, which is an inflatable pit with enormous inflatable balls. The goal is to get from one side of the pit to the other only by jumping on the balls, and if you fall, you just bounce back up and try again! It teaches kids resilience and lets them practice setting an achievable goal and working to meet it. 

The Zip Line encourages kids to step outside their comfort zone in a completely safe environment. Developing self-confidence as they do! Trying something new that seems a little scary is exciting, and watching your kid take a risk, like trying a zipline, is rewarding and exciting for you, too!  

When your kids’ tanks are running a little empty, stop by the Cabana for a refreshment! They sell snacks, drinks, and treats that will delight every taste bud and help to keep active players hydrated and satiated. 

A father in a brown sweater holds and tickles his toddler daughter in a floral dress in a field of golden grass safari nation winston salem


When it comes to Birthday parties, Safari Nation has you covered! You and your kid’s favorite friends will enjoy pizza and juice pouches. Plus, you’re free to bring any cake or additional food and drinks you’d like for a totally customizable party experience. Don’t forget the decorations, too! Your party host will set up and clean up the event for you. They’ll make sure you have all of the plates, cups, silverware, and napkins you need. Once you’ve eaten and opened presents, your party will have a free roam of Safari Nation until they close. So make good use of all of their exciting attractions! 

Additionally, there are so many ways to save on admission at Safari Nation! You can purchase a VIP t-shirt. From then on, as long as you have the t-shirt and wear it to play, you’ll receive half-off admission. You can also buy a monthly unlimited pass for a flat rate. Simply download their app to receive coupons, and join their loyalty program to save! 

Safari Nation Winston-Salem

Safari Nation in Winston Salem is a fabulous place for kids to play, burn off energy and calories, and practice important socialization skills. Pack up your kids and check it out for yourself! You’ll quickly see what makes it such a special place and why Winston-Salem families love spending time at Safari Nation!

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